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CEO of Bitcoin Stock Exchange Binance sees the future of crypto currencies as positiv


Changpeng Zhao is the CEO of the crypto exchange Binance. In an interview with Bloomberg, Zhao has now stated that he sees the prospects for cryptocurrencies as positive. This is despite the difficult industry conditions that prevailed most of 2018.

So he said:

“2018 was a tough year for cryptocurrencies in terms of prices. We also see that many projects have not survived the year, so it's a correction year. The technology will be preserved. We [Binance] want to greet with a bang in 2019, so we hold a conference in Singapore (…) I think people in the industry are very confident about the future. I'm not worried about that. “

courses, speculators and overflux

Zhao also said that the courses always attract speculators. These ensure that prices fluctuate up or down, he said. Over the past year, there has been an over-fluctuation, followed by a correction phase. This lasted for most of the year 2018. Zhao admitted that, of course, he could not know if the bear market was over. Nevertheless, the long-term prospects of the industry, regardless of the price fluctuations, are good. The industry is driven by real applications from real developers, and that's the true scope of cryptocurrency.

Binance continues to aggressively pursue its goals, Zhao said. The company has also planned a lot for the new year. He revealed that one of these goals was the launch of a separate, decentralized crypto exchange. So you want to give users more freedom, Zhao said.

He also said that Binance welcomes regulatory action from countries around the world. The important thing is that there is enough clarity to overcome the current uncertainty. In doing so, Zhao said that Binance wanted good and smart regulations that would foster and not hinder innovation. He said:

“We definitely welcome government action. We want regulatory clarity. There is still too much uncertainty in many countries around the world in terms of regulation of the crypto industry. “

Zhao and his fortune

Earlier this year, Bloomberg Zhao questioned the value of his assets. At the time, Zhao said he had put everything into crypto assets. The value is about $ 2 billion. Now questioned again, Zhao said the total value of his assets had naturally dropped. An exact number he could not call because of the dispersion in different crypto currencies and the rapid price fluctuations. He added that everything is still in crypto assets. He has experienced it all before and therefore sees the future very positively.

Source: Bloomberg, Pixabay

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