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CEO of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance (Binance) refutes price operation

Mr. CZ of Binance CEO, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, pointed out his point of view that it is difficult to define such a situation that there is a camouflage transaction and transaction volume manipulation at the exchange I understood by AMB Crypto’s report that it was.

There seems to be a series of rules and guidelines as a means to prevent insider trading etc. inside the binary. As an example, there is a rule “When employees purchase cryptocurrency, they must hold for 30 days” Was revealed.

Mr. CZ talks about this rule as follows

“These policies have been learned from banks, they are like internal policies, do not let employees day trade, and in most cases (day trade) is not productive”

With regard to binning, coins with low credibility are increasing in volume in a short period of time without any context, but as pointed out this time, Mr. CZ is the third external We asked the institution to conduct a market research and as a result it seemed to have emphasized that the price operation etc was not proved.

Mr. CZ emphasized price operation in binary and not performing impersonation transaction in interview but said that it is difficult to decide the definition to decide the operation and not so, It was revealed that it is a difficult task to draw or not.

There is more manipulation in traditional markets, where most instruments only trade on 1 market, with big market makers, who have close tie with insiders and media. Crypto common trades on multiple markets and … https://t.co/kkZbvn6htj

– CZ Binance (@ cz_Binance) September 24, 2018

According to the above-mentioned tweets previously mentioned, Mr. CZ said “The cryptocurrency market is more priced manipulable”, “Price operation is more frequently done in existing financial markets than in virtual currencies” It is said that price operation is not a problem only in the cryptocurrency market.

Article Source: AMBCRYPTO

I do not know how to prove price operations are being done though drawing is difficult. I want to know the details.

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