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CEO: Ripple does not cooperate with SWIFT, Ripple overtakes SWIFT


In a recent interview with Bloomberg, ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse provided many insightful insights into Ripple Labs and the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP.

First, there were the rumors that SWIFT was working in secret on a partnership with Ripple. Garlinghouse said:

“These are all rumors. There are so many rumors and I hesitate to comment on any of them at all. If you comment on the unfounded rumors, you must also comment on the applicable ones. So it's best to just leave them all uncommented. “

In addition, Garlinghouse said that a potential partnership is irrelevant anyway, as he believes that Ripple Labs is already overriding SWIFT. So he stated:

“I believe that what we do day by day already means that we are overtaking SWIFT. We already have well over 100 banks under contract. Some of the world's largest banks using SWIFT connectivity now use Ripples technology. “

As an example, Garlinghouse named a payment services company. This company has been able to reduce its transaction costs from $ 20 to $ 2 per transaction with Ripple Labs. That's exactly the kind of dynamic that SWIFT can not offer.

He also referred to the attitude of SWIFT to Blockchain. Unlike SWIFT, the technology is mature and will continue to be. He explained:

“Not long ago, SWIFT said they did not view the blockchain as a banking solution. We have well over 100 of their customers who say they do not share this view. “

Ripple XRP solves problems

Regarding the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP, Garlinghouse stated that it was solving a real problem and at the same time being scalable. He told Bloomberg:

“I believe every cryptocurrency will be measured in terms of value in the long term by which problem it resolves. Does it solve a real problem on a large scale? I think people are increasingly realizing that [ripple] XRP solves real problems. “

Also, Ripple XRP is “a thousand times faster and a thousand times cheaper” than Bitcoin, he said. This is also reflected in the market, which has given the company Ripple Labs a record year, as Garlinghouse pointed out.

Thereafter, Garlinghouse turned to the institutional interest in cryptocurrencies in general and in particular to Ripple XRP. This interest is steadily increasing due to the growing regulatory clarity. He said:

“Therefore, I believe that the institutional interest is growing more and more. (…) When I was at the same event here in Singapore a year ago, it had 30,000 visitors. This year it's 40,000, and that's partly thanks to regulatory clarity. “

Source: Bloomberg, Pixabay

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