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Chinese exchange BitMax delists DEEP. Will development provide false token sale information?

中国取引所BitMaxがDEEPを上場廃止 開発が虚偽のトークンセール情報を提供か

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China's leading cryptocurrency (crypto asset) exchange, BitMax, revealed details regarding the delisting of DeepCloud AI's DEEP token on the 4th and 1st.

According to this announcement, DeepCloud AI, which has made public sale from the exchange, will use BitMax for the sales ratio of DEEP tokens in private sale and pre-sale, and restrictions on receipt time, etc. And as a result, it is said that the investor gave false information.

In addition, it is said that the number of DEEP tokens supplied is not known.

DEEP token deposit at BitMax was suspended on the 1st, and the DEEP / USDT and DEEP / BTC trading pairs were abolished on the 4th today.

Article source: Yahoo! Finance

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