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Co-founder co-founder, saying “Block chain takes more time to develop than web!”

Co-founder co-founder, saying "Block chain takes more time to develop than web!" Co-founder co-founder, saying "Block chain takes more time to develop than web!" - shutterstock 783743551 696x371

Three points of this article! · Co-founder Etha said remarks that the development of block chain takes more time than the Web.
· It states that the sovereignty will shift from the enterprise side to the user side by moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.
· In Web 3.0, we say that intermediaries are fewer and the reliability of individual interaction improves.

Article source: t3n

The development of block chains takes more time than the web?

Joseph Rubin co-founder of Ethiaryam said in a t3n interview that he said that “block chains are more complicated than the Internet, so development takes time .”

The interview seems to have been progressed with Web 3.0 and block chains placed.

About Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 and Block Chain

– Although the block chain scenes often talk about Web 3.0, what are the problems of Web 2.0 driven by Facebook, Google, etc., and the excellent points of Web 3.0?

Rubin responds to the question as follows.

“The business model of Web 2.0 is functioning effectively.This business model treats users like products and we can get a lot of information on our products themselves.To use that information to make our In addition , block chains enable self-determined sovereign identity.In Web 3.0, identity is a very important point. “

Mr. Rubin said that it is the block chain technology that compares Web 2.0 in which corporate side holds sovereignty and Web 3.0 where user side holds sovereignty and supports web 3.0.

About the period required for the development of block chains

It took ten years for Web technology to grow, but will block chains take about the same?

Rubin responded to this question as follows.

“There are hundreds of practical projects using block chains, and they will create something that can make people’s lives more convenient, but probably because it is a much more complex technology than web technology It takes time to develop a little bit more, but block chains will penetrate society over the Internet, all of which will be networked with Web 3.0. “

Mr. Rubin said that block chain technology is more complicated than Web technology and so it takes time to develop.

About China edition

– In China we are growing about block chains, but should we build something like China in Ethiary?

Mr. Rubin replies to the question:

“NEO called Chinese version Ethiariam operates on seven computers, one of the computers dropped a few months ago and the entire network has been down for several days, and has already been a driving force in China.

Mr. Rubin revealed his views on NEO and that the company already has power in China.

Das Unternehmen Consensys ist zu einem der mächtigsten Player rundum Ethereum geworden, der zweitgrößten Kryptowährung der Welt. Aber sollte es bei Blockchain nicht mal um Dezentralisierung gehen? T3n hat Joseph Lubin, Gründer von Consen … https://t.co/TTLyCx5tSz via @ viropera pic.twitter.com/5 wwwAD71vD

– VIROPERA (@ Viropera) November 9, 2018

Mr. Rubin recently said that the downturn in the cryptocurrency market had no impact on the growth of the year, and presented his own view that current volatility is a move by trader type.

“The downturn in the current cryptocurrency market has no effect on the growth of Korea,” co-founder Co

It was a funny interview with some bumpy questions about NEO, lol

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