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Coin-based CEO “60% of the trading volume of Coinbase Pro is an institutional investor”

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コインベースCEO「Coinbase Proの取引ボリュームの60%は機関投資家」

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In a dialogue with Union Square Ventures, coin-based CEO Brian Armstrong has revealed that nearly 60% of Coinbase Pro’s trading volume comes from institutional investors .

The coin base began focusing on expanding services for institutional investors from the beginning of last year, and began providing its own custody service ” Coinbase Custody ” and an OTC trading platform .

Armstrong said, “With the implementation of OTC trading services through Coinbase Custody, etc., large-scale trading (by institutional investors) has begun to be conducted. In Coinbase Pro, institutional investors account for 60% of the total trading volume. It should have taken place. ”

This year, major securities companies, Fidelity and Bakkt under ICE have announced similar products one after another.

Fidelity Securities is set to launch a custody institutional trading platform later this month, and Bakkt has also announced that it will begin testing bitcoin futures in July this year.

In the industry-relevant services industry, where the trust comes from, the coin base has to compete with such large players in the future and set its position.

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