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Coinbase opens a new office in Portland, Ore.

Three points of this article!

1.Coinbase to open a new office in Portland, Ore.

2. Portland’s decisive innovative and open block chain community

3. On the other hand, the company is required to solve the pile of tasks

Article Source: The Coinbase Blog

Coinbase of the US major cryptocurrency exchange announced the official announcement on the 28th and announced the opening of a new office in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The deciding factor is an innovative and open block chain community

According to Coinbase’s blog, the company seemed to be considering multiple cities before deciding to Portland, but eventually Portland’s incredible talent and innovative and open source block chain community It is said that it became a definite hit.

The company has already signed a seven-year contract with a new office, and the renovation is said to begin within the next few weeks. According to Coinbase’s blog post, the company will create 100 new jobs in Portland and explain that if the company grows in size, it could create more employment.

On the other hand, the company also has many challenges

Meanwhile, Coinbase has been worried that it is not preparing enough for scale expansion from the speed of its growth . The company’s users point out dissatisfactions such as problems accessing assets, inability to access, problems in moving assets between accounts, and so on.

Coinbase reported earlier this month that it had entered the Japanese market. The company commented, “We will submit an application for registering as a cryptocurrency exchanger to Japanese Financial Services Agency this year during this year”.

In addition, the company temporarily suspended the custodian (asset management) service for retailers, and Expedia is interrupting acceptance of BTC payment, and it is affected in various ways. Coinbase is required to solve the problem that is becoming a pile in the present situation.


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