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[Coincheck (coin check) registration method and usage] Thorough commentary to deposit and withdrawal, cryptocurrency trading

Coincheck is a domestic cryptocurrency exchange for beginners.

I think many people know from the cryptocurrency outflow case of January 26, 2018.

In the wake of the cryptocurrency outflow, new registrations and transactions of cryptocurrency were resumed from October 30, 2018, with complete management and security system .

This page explains how to register and check the basics of such Coincheck.

If you read this, even beginners who register for the first time on the cryptocurrency exchange can register for Coincheck and start trading on the cryptocurrency!

We thoroughly explain registration method, account opening method of Coincheck (coin check)!

First of all, I will confirm the registration procedure of Coincheck (coin check) and the account opening procedure.

Even if you are new to the cryptocurrency exchange, there is no problem if you follow the procedure described here.

Let’s go ahead and open the site of Coincheck!

Apply for a new registration (provisional registration) to Coincheck


After opening the Coincheck site, move the cursor to “New Registration” at the top right of the top page.

Then select “Trading account”.


Enter your email address and password, and click “Create a new account.”

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered, so please click on the link in the email.

Input personal information of Coincheck and submit identification documents


When you click the link of the registered email address, you will be prompted to enter the necessary information for opening a Coincheck account.

First, let’s submit identification documents.

There is a button on the top screen of my page “Submit identification documents”, click here.


Before you register, you will be asked for SMS certification, so let’s complete this.

When you enter your mobile phone number, you will receive an authorization number for your mobile phone.

In cheap SIM which can not use SMS?
You can not register with Coincheck only with cheap SIM phones that can not use SMS. SMS authentication is required.


Enter the code sent to your phone to complete SMS verification.


Once SMS certification is complete, proceed to submit your identity verification documents again.

In this way, you will need a self-help document with your self-confirmation document, so if you prepare in advance, it will go smoothly.


Even if you submit your identity verification documents, the above button “Submit identity verification documents” will not disappear.

Next, proceed with the registration of Coincheck from the “Confirm various important matters” button without worrying.


Check all the items and click “Agree and accept various important matters and use the service”.

This completes all account opening procedures.

A few days later you will receive a confirmation postcard from Coincheck so you can trade from that point.

You can also register and open an account from your smartphone

Coincheck can be registered from a smartphone.

Since videos are officially uploaded, you can register without problems if you follow this.

Please open the site of Coincheck and try registration while checking.

Learn how to manage assets with Coincheck

Once you have registered for Coincheck, let’s briefly review how to manage cryptocurrency and yen within Coincheck.

Payments and transactions can not be made until the postcard arrives, but there is no loss even if you check first!

Asset management with Coincheck
  • Deposit of Japanese yen
  • Japanese Yen withdrawal
  • Deposit cryptocurrency
  • cryptocurrency withdrawal

Commentary on how to deposit Japanese yen

At first we will check from the method of depositing Japanese yen to Coincheck (coin check).

It is the very first step to purchase “cryptocurrency”, not limited to the kind of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ethereal, and ripple, so please be well understood.


To deposit to Coincheck, proceed from “Payment” on the top left of my page.

There are three ways to deposit to Coincheck:

  • Bank transfer
  • Convenience store deposit
  • Quick deposit

I will check each one one by one.

Bank transfer


If you select bank transfer , the account information of the transfer destination will be displayed on the screen, so it is OK if you transfer to that account.

Depending on the bank you are using and the transfer timing, it may take some time for the payment to be reflected due to the influence of business hours, so let’s transfer with ease.

What is the bank transfer fee?
There is no fee for Coincheck. However, the transfer fee is your own expense.

Convenience store deposit


For convenience store deposit , after entering the required information in the form displayed, click “Settlement Request”.

After that, the payment number will be displayed on a separate screen, so if you use that number at the convenience store, payment is complete.

In addition, the upper limit is decided by convenience store payment, and it can receive only up to 300,000 yen per one time.

Convenience store deposit fee
  • Remittance less than 30,000 yen → 756 yen
  • Remittance amount 30,000 yen-300,000 yen → 1,000 yen


In the case of quick deposit , as with convenience store deposit, after entering the necessary items, click “Settlement Apply”.

After that, the procedure is completed if you pay the displayed payment number with pay page.

Quick deposit has the advantage that it can be processed 24/7.

Quick deposit fee
  • Remittance less than 30,000 yen → 756 yen
  • Remittance amount 30,000 yen to 500,000 yen → 1,000 yen
  • Payment amount 500,000 yen or more → Payment amount × 0.108% + 486 yen

Commentary on how to withdraw Japanese yen

We will explain the procedure for paying out Japanese yen to a bank account from Coincheck.

Let’s withdraw the money you raise regularly and manage it properly so as not to deposit a large amount of money in Coincheck!


To withdraw from Coincheck, click “Wallet” from the top screen of My Page.


Select “Pay Japanese Yen” on the left side of the screen.


Select a bank account.

If this is your first withdrawal, you will be presented with a screen where you can enter your bank account information. Follow the instructions to register your bank account and open this screen again.


After entering the withdrawal amount, click “Apply for withdrawal”.

This completes the withdrawal request. Let’s wait for a while until payment is complete and then check.

Withdrawal fee is 400 yen
The fee for disbursing Japanese yen from Coincheck is 400 yen at a time. This is fixed, and there is no discount or no charge depending on the amount of withdrawal.

Explains how to deposit cryptocurrency (How to send money to Coincheck)

Here are the steps to deposit cryptocurrency to Coincheck from an external cryptocurrency exchange or cryptocurrency wallet.

This is a basic operation when using overseas exchanges etc. Please check this carefully.


To deposit cryptocurrency to Coincheck, proceed from “Receive Coins” on the left side of the screen after clicking “Wallet” on the top page.


After selecting the type of cryptocurrency you want to receive, click Create Address.

Clicking on this will display the address of Bitcoin and Ethereal for Coincheck deposit.

If you deposit a cryptocurrency from outside to the QR code or address, it is OK.

Confirm the type of cryptocurrency
Make sure that the types of “cryptocurrency to receive” and “cryptocurrency to withdraw” are identical so that there is no such thing as “Remittance of Ethereal to a Bitcoin Address”.

Explain how to withdraw cryptocurrency (How to send money from Coincheck)

The procedure for transferring cryptocurrency assets from Coincheck (coin check) to a cryptocurrency exchange or hard wallet overseas.

cryptocurrency that you want to purchase and hold is basically managed safely with an external hardware wallet or similar.

This is an important step for safety management, so check carefully.


To withdraw cryptocurrency from Coincheck, click “Wallet” on the top page and then select “Send Coin” on the left side of the screen.


After selecting the coin to send money, select the destination to send cryptocurrency.

However, when sending cryptocurrency for the first time, it is necessary to register “Receiver” from “Edit Sendee List”.

As there are items to add “wallet label (any name)” and “address”, let’s add this.

  • Remittance amount (number and quantity of virtual mounds)
  • Fee

If you enter these two and click the “Send Money” button, you will be able to send money after authentication.

This completes the withdrawal of cryptocurrency from Coincheck.

How much should the fee be?
The higher the fee, the more preferential the remittance. If you are not in a hurry, it is OK by default. If you are in a hurry to remit money, it is recommended that you send at 2 to 10 times the default.

Master the way to read and use Coincheck’s trade and chart screens!

The trade screen of Coincheck (coin check) and the chart screen are summarized on the top screen of my page.


You can now check in real time the price at which the sale was made.

It is possible to visually grasp at which price range the transaction is taking place.


You can change the chart according to the time axis you want to see.

There is a sense of unity in the color of the chart, and it is designed to be easy for beginners to see.

Introduce the view of the chart and the functions that can be used!


Coincheck’s chart is an image-like UI.

Hover over the chart graph to see the price for that time zone. You can also switch the period from the upper right button.

You can check the price visually immediately, so it may be easy for beginners to use.

Conversely, it is difficult to use if you are familiar with candlestick charts.


Scroll up the chart screen and you will find chats of people who are trading.

Of course, you can also write in your own chat.

We explain how to buy and sell cryptocurrency at sales offices!


To buy a cryptocurrency at Coincheck’s sales office, go to “Buy Coins” on the left side of the wallet page.


Select the coin to buy and enter the purchase quantity.

Finally, click “Purchase” at the bottom of the page to complete your purchase.

If you want to sell a cryptocurrency, you can proceed from “sell coins” in the same way.

Explain the trading method of cryptocurrency on the exchange!


Click “Exchange” at the top of the page to move to the page like the image.

Select the currency you want to buy or sell from the cryptocurrency list on the far right.


Input on the board on the left side and proceed with the transaction.

Please select a “sell” in the case when buying order “buy”, sell orders.

In the Rate field, enter the price you purchased.

However, if you want to proceed with the purchase quickly, try to enter the price range for which payment is being performed, while looking at “Buy / Sell” on the right of the input board.

After entering the rate, enter the order quantity. Then, the approximate Japanese yen is displayed.

The order is complete when you click “Order” at the end.


We summarized how to register Coincheck (coin check) and its basic usage .

As explained in “How to buy and sell cryptocurrency,” Coincheck has many ways to buy cryptocurrency, such as “Buy at Kreca,” “Buy at a store,” and “Buy at an exchange.”

There are many options for beginners, so many people may be thinking of Coincheck for their first registration.

When you register on the cryptocurrency exchange for the first time, you may not know much, so please review the registration method and usage while looking back on this page again.

Basic information of Coincheck
Company site https://corporate.coincheck.com/
Operating company Coin Check Co., Ltd. (English: Coincheck, Inc.)
Street address Head Office 3-2 3-8-13 Shibuya New South Entrance Building 3F Shibuya-ku Shibuya-ku 150-0002
Dogenzaka Office 3 150-0044, Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo E-6 Space Tower 12F
CEO Toshihiko Katsuya
Capital 100 million yen
Establishment August 28, 2012
Registration Kanto Treasury Director No. 00014 (cryptocurrency exchange business)
Membership of professional institutions Japan cryptocurrency Exchange Business Association
General Incorporated Association Japan Block Chain Association
Japan cryptocurrency Business Association
General Incorporated Association FinTech Association
Non-Profit Organization Japan Network Security Association

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