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[Coincheck fee complete guide] thorough explanation of three tips to reduce high fees

  • What is the commission for Coincheck?
  • Coin check fee is high? cheap?
  • How can I use it with as little fees as possible?

All fees for Coinceck are summarized.

Also, tips on reducing fees, and how to use coin check for comparing fees with other exchanges. Introducing.

If you read even this, you will pay a wasteful fee with coin check, from beginners of cryptocurrency investment You should be able to level up a little!

The method for registering a coin check is explained in this article.

[Coincheck (Coin Check) Registration Method / How to Use] Thorough commentary on deposits and withdrawals and cryptocurrency trading

Coincheck Thorough explanation! List of paid and free fees

Deposit fee (Japanese yen) Bank transfer (Japanese yen): Free (Transfer fee is paid by user)

Convenience store deposit: 756 ~ 1000 Circle

Quick deposit: 756 ~ 1000 Circle(50 More than 10,000 yen is the deposit amount x 0. % + 486Circle)
Withdrawal fee (Japanese yen) 400 Circle
Remittance fee (cryptocurrency) 0.0 01 BTC / 0. 01 ETH / 0. 01 ETC / 0.1 LSK / 0.1 FCT / 0. XRP / 0.5 XEM / 0.0 01 LTC / 0.0 01 BCH / 0.0 01 MONA
Exchange fee (actual) 0. 000%
Sales commission (spread) Approx. 2%
Borrowing fee (leverage transaction) 0. 05 %/Day
Swap fee (leveraged) Long position Transaction contract amount (yen) × 0. 04%

Short Position Trading Contract Quantity (BTC) x 0 05%
Others cryptocurrency deposit fee Normal: Free / High speed: 0.0 02 BTC

All the fees for using Coincheck have been compiled.

In order to use as little as possible, you need to know what kind of fee you have. important.

Let's check each fee.

Coincheck fee list
  • Japanese Yen deposit fee
  • Japanese Yen withdrawal fee
  • Remittance fee for cryptocurrency
  • Spot transaction fee (buying and selling fee)
  • Sales commission fee (Spread)
  • Borrowing fee / Swap fee

Deposit fee in Japanese yen varies depending on the deposit method

Bank transfer Free (Transfer fee not included)
Convenience store deposit ~ 30,000 yen 756Circle
30,000yen ~ 30Ten thousand yen 1, 000Circle
Quick deposit ~ 30,000 yen 756Circle
30,000 yen ~ 50Ten thousand yen 1, 000Circle
50 Yen ~ Deposit x 0 108% + 486Circle

There are three main ways to deposit Japanese Yen into a coin check: bank transfer, convenience store payment, and quick deposit.

It will take some time, but To reduce the fee as much as possible Bank transfer is recommended .

Basically there is no fee, and you can deposit with only the bank transfer fee.

When paying in from a convenience store or using a page, pay attention because the fee varies depending on the amount.

Gold fee is uniform 400Circle

Coincheck withdrawal fee
Uniform 400Circle

Uniform 400 A withdrawal fee of JPY will be charged.

It is a uniform fee regardless of which bank account you register, so if you withdraw the balance as Japanese yen Remember that “There is a fee” .

Therefore, it is recommended to withdraw as little money as possible.

cryptocurrency The remittance fee varies depending on the currency

BTC 0.0 01 BTC
ETH 0. 01 ETH
ETC 0. 01 ETH
XRP 0. 15 XRP
LTC 0.0 01 LTC
BCH 0.0 01 BCH
MONA 0.0 01 MONA

From Coin Check The remittance fee when sending cryptocurrency varies depending on the currency withdrawn . Each fee is summarized in the table above.

As you can see from the table, if you convert to Japanese yen, it will be a little expensive in BTC.

When sending cryptocurrency, in which currency should you withdraw so that you can withdraw as much as possible? It is recommended to think about once.

Bitcoin In-kind transaction fee (sales fee) is free for a while

In-kind transaction fee for Bitcoin is free of charge at Coin Check.

Both the limit order maker and market order maker have no commission, so you can trade in whatever you like without worrying about the commission. I can.

However, the transaction fee is free only during the fee-free campaign, so there is a possibility that the fee will be charged after the campaign ends Is expensive. Keep an eye on the latest information.

When is the commission free?
On the coin check official website, when this campaign ends, it is supposed to give an end notice more than two weeks ago.

Spread is required for Bitcoin and Altcoin trading at the sales office

Sales spread
Approximately 2% (variable)

In coin check, you can purchase bitcoin and altcoin directly from coincheck is also supported.

Although the transaction fee itself is free at the coin check sales office, it actually costs an invisible fee called “ spread '' It is.

Spread is basically around 2%, and when price fluctuations are severe 10 It may be around%, so let's buy and sell at the point of sale by looking at the price dissociation from the market price.

Invisible fee! ? Explain the spreads of cryptocurrency sales offices (exchanges) and make thorough comparisons!

Pay attention to borrowing fees and swap fees for leveraged transactions

Swap fee 0. 04% (Long Position)

0. 05% (Short position)
Borrowing fee 0. 05%/Day

Credit check (leverage trade) can be done with coin check, but it is different from normal spot transaction “ Borrowing fee '' and “ Swap fee '' Please pay attention to additional charges .

Leveraged trading Is a method of borrowing a BTC from an exchange and using the BTC you currently own as a margin.

Therefore, every time you rent a BTC for one day, it will be 0. % borrowing fee will be charged.

Swap fee is a fee that is incurred when a position is executed, and is 0. %, 0 for short positions 05%is.

3 ways to make Coincheck (coin check) cheaper!


Coincheck (coin check) has a lot of fees to trade cryptocurrency, but if you can, you want to reduce the fees you pay.

So, here we can reduce the fee just by knowing when dealing with coin check 3 It introduces two methods.

Check all the way so you can trade with less fees!

3 ways to reduce fees
  • Reduce deposit fees by bank transfer
  • Japanese yen and cryptocurrency Withdraw as little money as possible
  • Use “ exchange '' for bitcoin trading

Reduce deposit fees by bank transfer

To add Japanese Yen to the coin check, You can reduce your fees by selecting bank transfer.

Additional convenience store transfer and quick payment method for Japanese yen There is a deposit, but bank transfer is the only fee.

Bank transfers may have a time lag
Bank transfer may take some time to reflect. If you want to trade in a hurry, we recommend convenience store payment or quick deposit.

Withdrawal of Japanese yen and cryptocurrencies together as little as possible

From coin check to Japanese yen and In order to withdraw cryptocurrency, a fee is required.

Therefore, even if you do not care about several transactions, if you withdraw money throughout the year The withdrawal fee alone can be expensive.

Try to reduce the number of times.

Use “ exchange '' for bitcoin trading

If you are doing a bitcoin transaction with a coin check, either “sales office” or “exchange” You will have a deal.

A 2% spread is required at the sales office, but the exchange is completely free of charge.

Therefore, in order to trade cryptocurrency at a slightly advantageous rate, let's choose an exchange.

Some people are thinking of using foreign exchanges to expand the range of cryptocurrency investment. Since overseas exchanges are basically traded in an “exchange format”, it is also recommended that you get used to the exchange format by coin check.

Coincheck fee Is expensive? cheap? Thorough comparison with major exchanges

Coincheck bitFlyer bitbank GMO coin DMM Bitcoin
Japanese Yen Deposit Fee (Bank Transfer) free free free free free
Japanese yen withdrawal fee 400Circle 216 ~ 756Circle 540 ~ 756Circle free free
Transaction fee

free 0. 01% ~ 0. 15% -0. 05 ~ 0. 15% -0. 01 ~ 0. 05% free
Transaction fee

0. 04% ~ 0. 05% 0. 04% 0. 04% 0. 04%

We have introduced the Coincheck fee so far. Which is more expensive or cheaper than other domestic exchanges ?

In order to reduce fees in cryptocurrency trading, it is important to use an exchange that suits your purpose. .

Compare the fees of major exchanges and check when the coin check should be used!

Overall fees are higher

When comparing domestic exchange fees, You can see that the coin check fee is relatively high .

The withdrawal fee is especially high compared to other exchanges.

Coin check also has the advantage of being able to “buy and buy cryptocurrency”.



We recommend checking coins until you get used to cryptocurrency trading, and using other exchanges as you get used to it.

Transaction fee is free

In-kind Bitcoin transactions are free of charge at Coin Check. Other exchanges are mostly paid, so coin check is recommended for spot trading.

No fees will be charged no matter how many times you trade,

  • Those who want to get used to the exchange format for the time being
  • Those who plan to trade as much as possible
  • Person who wants to trade at the timing

If you want to trade in kind frequently, please try coin check as a candidate.


Coincheck fee Summarized.

I think you've found out the fees for coin checks, how to reduce fees, and how to use them differently from other exchanges. Masu!

Let's use the coin check as much as possible with reference to what we have introduced here!

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