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Coineal is a new exchange that optimized the Fcoin model

Coineal has announced a new exchange model while the number of exchanges in Fcoin model is increasing.

Coineal will release the NEAL token and the transaction will begin on 30th June.

Coineal’s exchange model

Coineal’s exchanges model is a model that performs exchange mining with ranked accounts . Coineal accounts that investors can register are divided into three ranks. Also, there is a requirement to acquire first and second accounts.

First class account

You can receive NEAL tokens for 150% of the usage fee for transactions up to the 10,000 th class for each first-class account. Then, 35% of the Neal token of the transaction fee up to the 10,000th introduction user (up to 500 people ) of that account is returned to the first class account .

Second level account

Accounts (up to 65 people ) enrolled through each first class account and finished KYC will be the second level account. A NEAL token of 135% of the use fee until the 10 th th transaction of each second level account itself is returned . Then, Neal token of 25% of the transaction fee up to 10 thousand of each user who introduces the account (up to 500) will be returned to the first class account .

High reduction user account (general user)

A Neal token equivalent to 125% of the transaction fee up to the 10 th thousand done by himself is returned . Regular users will be in this account rank.
(For details of campaign, please refer to https://www.coineal.com/.)

Rate of return for each account rank

According to Coineal’s estimate , the profit on the first day of the first-class account reaches 90 to 2.4 million yen only for the transaction, and even for the second level account, it ranges from 3 to 480,000 yen. In addition to this, we also offer platform revenue allocation and referral fee .

Neal tokens will be released on 30th June . We will also start ” Fee Redemption Campaign, Everyday Revenue Distribution, Registration Invitation Award “. Coineal is committed to global branding and is promoting it all together on a number of world-renowned platforms such as Coinmarketcap, Cointelegrap, Coindesk, MyToken.

First-come-first-served air drop campaign

In addition, we are currently registering with Coineal and conducting a present campaign of 88 NEAL and 0.888 EOS for the users who made KYC with the first 10,000 users. Participation is available from the link below.

History of Coineal

Coineal was founded in April this year, the first listed token was MT (My Token). At that time, MT recorded the 1st place in MT trading volume listed on 10 exchanges at the same time. Out of 17 exchanges dealing with MT now, Coineal still maintains the first transaction volume.
Approximately 3 months have passed since its inception, Coineal users exceeded 500,000 people . Coexal has succeeded in building the world’s most advanced risk management system, decentralized structure and DDOS defense system as exchanges’ basic technology evolves constantly.

The future image of Coineal

Coineal aims to upgrade from exchanges to the digital currency distribution platform and provide projects and investors with comprehensive services including issuing alternative currencies, trading, term savings and investment . It realizes that all digital assets are fast, safe and distributed on the platform. After absorbing FCoin’s token economy model, we can complete our own token economy by optimizing it. Each person with a NEAL token is a node of Coineal’s ecosystem , holding numerous people NEAL and distributing the nodes worldwide will make Coineal’s network even stronger.

Coineal road map

June issue of NEAL token, start trading
July Release of the application. NEAL mining start
August – September Release OTC off-balance transaction. Build exchange ecosystem

Cooperation by Spectra Venture

Coineal is cooperating with Spectra Venture.

Spectra, an investment bank advisor, is an investment bank that provides services to the block chain project as a whole, and has only partnered with very good projects so far . According to Spectra, NEAL ‘s token system is more promising than existing methods, and Coineal’ s product management strategy is unique in the block chain industry.

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