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Combining Ripple ODL and MoneyGram transactions creates magic

Ripple ODLとMoneyGramのトランザクションを組み合わせると魔法が産まれる



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11 SWELL 2019 MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes is currently trading between the US and Mexico borders). is moving through ODL and announced that it will add four more routes this year Did.

In a session with Ripple CEO Brad, Holmes said the current remittance industry situation, how to use blockchain and digital assets in MoneyGram, and the benefits of using ODL Shared thoughts about.

It's only the beginning…

MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes talks #ODL and opening new corridors on stage at #SwellbyRipple.

Full session coming soon to https://t.co/NnOD151 Z8P.pic.twitter.com/qT8UmFYyWD

— Ripple (@Ripple) November 8, 2019

MoneyGram has started an innovation lab that experimented with new technologies and put apps into actual services. We are moving legacy systems to the cloud and are looking for ways to improve the core system using distributed ledger technology.

Homles said, “The combination of MoneyGram transactions and Ripple's ODL creates magic. Only when a fully paired transaction is realized, money moves with the data. “You can say that.”

Article Source: Ripple Insights

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