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ConsenSys Announces Ethereum Statistics for October


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ConsenSys, headquartered in the United States, has 10 Announced statistical research on the Ethereum network for the month.

The growth of the network is notable for the total amount of DAI lockups to DeFi applications, the total number of contract wallets, and the number of DApp users such as Brave Browser.

This article introduces some of the statistical materials compiled by ConsenSys.


  • 89 Ethereum node moves in the country ing
  • 300 Ethereum node is operated by the university
  • 2050 79. 76% already issued
  • 256, 776:past24 Total number of Ethereum accounts that sent transactions in time
  • 4.5%: Current annual issue rate


  • 2, 652: Total number of DApps implemented on Ethereum
  • 57. 73 k: Past 24 Number of DApps contract transactions in time
  • 33, 333 ETH: Total Fund Raised by Gods Unchained Card Sale
  • 13, 225: Total number of contracts used in DApps
  • 8M +: Brave Browser monthly active users


  • 25. 2M: Total number of DAI locked to DeFi application
  • 0. 99: Ethereum β value (= greatly influenced by the cryptocurrency market)
  • 0. 01: DAI β value for Ethereum (≒ Not affected by the cryptocurrency market)
  • 84 M: Distributing to the market Number of DAIs
  • 6k +: Total number of contract wallets for InstaDapp
  • 0. 06%: Uniswap Of ETH locked up to the total number of issued cards
  • 50. 96%: MakerDAO DoFi's dominance
  • $ 89. 7M: Total USD denominated locked to Synthetix)

Snapshot: Where do users borrow DAI?

Comparison of DAI's lending volume over the past 6 months

2019 Until June, the entire Maker Nearly 70% of DAI was borrowed, but since July, the proportion of Compound v2 and dYdX has increased, 10 dYdX is the top borrowed volume in the month The

I would like to focus on future developments, such as whether the new platform will increase its share or whether Maker will recover its dominance with the release of MCD (Multiple Asset Backed DAI). Right.

In addition, you can check the statistics about Ethereum on the following quotation source or ConsenSys official blog.

Quote: Ethereum by the Numbers – October 2019

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