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Contentos announces partnership and investment with NEO Foundation

Contentos announces partnership and investment with NEO Foundation

Contentos is a distributed global content ecosystem.

NEO Global Capital (NGC) invested in Contentos, and also announced the partner this time. Currently, NGC is a strong friend against the Contentos team developing the world’s largest distributed digital content ecosystem.

NGC is a world-renowned venture capital fund with portfolio projects such as NEO, Ontology, and Oasis Labs that tracks the origin and effectiveness of digital assets, authenticates digital identities, identifies data between heterogeneous entities It is the top player of a company that tackles the task of managing flow.

Contentos announces partnership and investment with NEO Foundation

By investing in Contentos, NGC aims to support the creation and design of unique asset trading models including proprietary content and digitized gifts.

Mr. Mick Tsai, co-founder of Contentos, says:

“I have always respected NGC to the maximum, but I assert that this is one of the most famous capital companies in the block chain space, their expertise is special for creators and viewers It will be extremely helpful in creating a digital content ecosystem that was designed for. “

With the investment of NEO Global Capital, the Contentos team can consider more technology-based solutions to develop functions such as gift exchange and trading systems. The Contentos team believes that with the cooperation and support of NGC and ontology, we are prepared to develop an identity verification system that meets the needs of content creators, users, and all members of the global digital content ecosystem.

Here is Contentos’s Japan Telegram

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