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Corresponding currency more than 3,000 species! Characteristics and usage of Portfolio application Delta Conclusion

Corresponding currency more than 3,000 species! Characteristics and usage of Portfolio application Delta Conclusion

Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker, also known as Delta (Delta) is one of the popular cryptocurrency portfolio applications.

It is known as a portfolio application that has a lot of brands in particular that support virtual currencies.

This page explains the features and basic usage of such Delta.

If you read this, you will be able to manage assets efficiently using Delta right away.

Introducing the four features of cryptocurrency portfolio application “Delta (Delta)”!

Let’s start with a brief review of the features of Delta (Delta).

You can use it with confidence if you understand what features and characteristics are.

It corresponds to over 3,000 virtual currencies

Delta Corresponding currency

The characteristic of “Delta (Delta)” is that there are many currencies that correspond to anything.

The corresponding currencies are more than 3,000 kinds, and correspond not only to major currencies such as Bitcoins, elearium, ripple, but also currencies with low market capitalization called so-called grass coins.

I think that there are many people who have experience saying “I want to put new coins in my portfolio but not on the list!”

If such a person switches to Delta, it should be less overwhelming to have similar experiences.

You can check the transition of daily assets graphically

dela graph

“Delta (Delta)” allows you to display the transition of the assets of currencies managed in the portfolio as a graph.

Therefore, you can check the transition of assets at a glance.

You can also change the time axis, so you can see how far we have increased our assets over the long term and conversely it has declined.

Not compatible with Japanese

As a regrettable point, Delta (Delta) does not correspond to Japanese, it is only in English version .

At first you may be a bit confused, but you do not have to worry so much as you can operate it intuitively.

Also, please also refer to this article as it explains how to use it.

There is a pay plan Delta PRO

“Delta (Delta)” has a pay plan Delta PRO and can subscribe for 540 yen per month, 6,500 yen per year.

When you join, you can analyze the portfolio in detail, you can register Wallet indefinitely, you can use Night mode, and so on, you can use various convenient additional functions.

However , even if it is free, you can use it enough so you do not have to worry too much.

Review Delta (Delta) reputation · word of mouth

I tried using Delta’s portfolio software but it’s okay. It may be said that what I am talking about now.

Such software was troublesome because there were many coins of no support, so the seat made by me was the best. Delta also covers IDEX. It was very convenient. @ get_delta

– Haruka Teacher @ blueChainLab CEO (@ harukatarotaro) May 15, 2018

I wrote the usage of the portfolio & watch list management application “Delta” on my blog. This application should be easy to use ~ 🙂https: //t.co/DSPrXFzyBe

– Coiner Yumekichi (@ Coiner_Yumekich) March 16, 2018

Delta is easiest to use if it is a portfolio management application 😇😇😇

– Oshiki (@ kuruoshiki_oni) February 12, 2018

When you examine the application of the portfolio, only the Cryptfolio is found, but the school that Delta is easy to use at all

– ぱ く ぱ く (@ tofuverysuki) January 26, 2018

Using the application of the cryptocurrency portfolio called Delta was impressed by the God application

– One time @ reptile x cryptocurrency (@ ikkunn 0608) January 12, 2018

The reputation on twitter is anything easy to use, God app! There seems to be a lot of voices such as.

Among them, a lot of voices are raised that corresponded currencies are many and cover grass coins .

If you manage grass coins, “Delta (Delta)” may be the strongest at the moment!

Explain how to use and view Delta (Delta)!

Let’s explain in detail how to use “Delta (delta)”.

I will explain it with illustrations, so even people who do not understand English will be able to use it immediately.

Download / install from Appstore or GooglePlay

Delta icon

The icon of this image is “Delta (Delta)” icon.

Please be careful not to make a mistake because there are some similar applications.

You can download either Appstore (iPhone / iOS) or Google Plain (Android).

Add holding currency to portfolio

Delta Portfolio

When opening the application you can search the currency by pressing the bottom eye mark.

Search the name of the currency you want to add in English.

Delta Portfolio

When you search, the currency is displayed, so tap this.

Add Delta currency

When you select a currency, a chart is displayed.

Tap the three points on the top right and tap Add to Portfolio.

Delta Portfolio Addition

Since such a setting screen is displayed, we will set it as follows.

Installation item list
  • Exchange … Transacted exchanges
  • Trading Pair … currency pair
  • Buy Price in BTC … Amount purchased in BTC building
  • Amount Bought … possession number

Add these and tap Add Transaction to complete the addition.

Confirm transition of owned assets

Delta asset transition

On the portfolio screen, tap the graph mark on the upper left.

Delta owned assets

You can check the transition of assets like a picture by graph.

You can check the ratio of the currency you hold with COIN SPLIT.

Add cryptocurrency you care about to watch list

Delta watch list

Tap the mark on the bottom eye, tap Watchlist and tap the + mark on the bottom right.

Delta watch list

Since the screen for searching the currency is displayed, you can search the currency and register it in the watch list by pressing the triangle mark to the right of the displayed currency.

If you put it in the watch list, you can immediately check the price of the currency you care about.

It is convenient when you want to check prices immediately.

Add an alert to the cryptocurrency in the watch list

Delta alert

From the watch list, tap the currency you want to add to the alert and slide to the right on the chart screen.

Delta alarm

Since there is an item called Alerts, tap Add your first XRP alert. (In the case of XRP)

Delta alert setting

Since the alert setting screen is displayed, set as follows, respectively.

Alert settings
  • Exchange … Exchange
  • Trading Pair … currency pair
  • Price Threshold … Price to ring an alert

Once these settings are made, the alert setting is completed with Add Alert.

Since notification is given to the smartphone at the specified price, it is a useful function when you want to keep an eye on the chart during the trade.

Let’s improve asset management of cryptocurrency in Delta (Delta)

Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Asset management is one of the most important things in investing and it can lead to unexpected loss if you do not do it.

As virtual currencies, especially grass coins, are prone to price movements, asset management is an important point for profit generation.

Let’s manage assets efficiently with Delta’s app!

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