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Cosmos ($ ATOM) listed on Poloniex and Kraken plunge from the opening price of $ 6

The blockchain platform ” Cosmos ($ ATOM) “, which released the mainnet last month, was listed today on the major crypto asset exchanges, Poloniex (Poroniex) and Kraken (Kraken) .

Poloniax’s ATOM / USDT pair dropped significantly from $ 6.50 at the start of the deal and is located around $ 4.00 at 5 am on 23rd Japan time.

ATOM / USDT pair (PoroniX) 5 minutes foot

On the other hand, Kraken’s ATOM / USD pair has risen to a high of $ 8.90 in about 15 minutes from the start of the $ 5 range, then drops sharply and is located around $ 4.30 .

ATOM / USD (Kuraken) 5 minutes foot

ATOM will be listed on Huobi within 23-24 days of Japan time. And ATOM’s ICO price was $ 0.10.

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is working on providing different blockchain development frameworks and establishing interoperability between blockchains, and raised about $ 17 million in ICO implemented in April 2017.

The main product of the project is called Tendermint Core , which packages BFT-based consensus and networking. The goal is to give projects more time to develop applications by providing a generic blockchain framework.

Tendermint Core can build not only public chains based on PoS, etc., but also private / consortium chains. Also, the BFT-based Tendermint Consensus is said to be able to achieve immediate effects (no forks).

Structure of Tendermint Core and Cosmos SDK

In addition, the application layer development framework called the Cosmos SDK is also used in the distributed exchange “Binance DEX” of Binance (Binance).

The final goal of the Cosmos project is to connect different blockchains ( establishment of interoperability ), and is characterized by the existence of a blockchain “Hub (Hub)” that combines multiple blockchains in one place. The Cosmos HUB launched in the middle of last month is this kind of thing.

A dedicated block chain, which exists in order to eliminate the need for general block chains (= Zone) to connect with each other, corresponds to Hub.

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