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Crypto-billionaire confirms Bitcoin Price (BTC) forecast of $ 250,000 plus Ripple XRP, Tron, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and IOTA Updat


Draper Bitcoin Forecast $ 250,000
Draper re-affirmed his $ 250,000 bitcoin forecast last year.

In my review today, it's about the future value of Bitcoin, the percentage of women in the crypto industry, and Tron's achievements.

Bitcoin Course

Billionaire and venture capitalist Tim Draper said in an interview on his earlier predictions. He stated that he is sticking to his prediction that Bitcoin will cost $ 250,000 by 2023.

He also said that he meant that Bitcoin is already a more stable store of value than gold. He stated:

“Gold is so old-fashioned. What do you need gold for storing values ​​with Bitcoin? The [gold] is just nonsensical. But I'm sure a lot of people are still doing it, thinking of the gold standard as a good currency. But I look at it and ask, “What? You compare Bitcoin with gold? It's been about ten generations since we used gold to transfer values. “”

Subsequently, Draper said that Bitcoin would be widely used as a means of payment in the future. That happens when its value rises high enough. In that regard he said:

“I believe that in the end, they will spend it, if they think the value is a good one. But, $ 250,000 per bitcoin in 2022 is what I predicted. It could also be 2023, but it's in this area. “

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ConsenSys has published an interview with Tushar Jain in his blog on Medium. Jain is the managing partner of the crypto-fund Multicoin Capital. The interview is about Ethereum, the fast growing market for smart contract platforms and other topics.

Ripple Labs and Ripple XRP

Monica Long is senior vice president of marketing and communications at Ripple Labs. In a recent blog entry on The Glasshammer, a career website for women, Long explores the number of women in the world of cryptocurrencies. She writes there:

“As in so many areas before – investment banking, hedge funds and trading – women are letting crypto currencies through. They lose career-critical opportunities and huge financial benefits, all because of intimidation. “

Long also argues that the crypto industry needs women to arrive in the mainstream. Previously, she had already tweeted:

“Manifold voices in space are rapidly advancing into historically male-dominated industries, such as the financial sector or the blockchain sector.”

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Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

The crypto exchange Go.Exchange has now listed Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Both cryptocurrencies are available there as pairs with Bitcoin and the US Dollar.

New listing!

The alpha phase is going well so far. Our team is grateful for all the feedback we have received, thanks to all of you. We opened trading for BCH / BTC, BCH / USDC, LTC / BTC and LTC / USDC! #GOExchange #crypto #BCH #LTC pic.twitter.com/NxCfkWN2tJ

– GO.Exchange (@GOExchangeHQ) April 10, 2019


Tron founder Justin Sun has published an overview of the network's progress over the last six months. It also includes information on the number of daily transactions and market capitalization.


Hacker Noon conducted an interview with IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø. Sønstebø explained the origin of IOTA and the platform's efforts to create a new kind of distributed ledger.

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