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Crypto Bourse Bithumb Expands to the US with New Stock Exchange Token (Security Tokens)

Crypto Bourse Bithumb Expands to the US with New Stock Exchange Token (Security Tokens)

Despite the decline in cryptoassets this year, the crypto exchanges have proven to be very resilient overall. Bithumb, South Korea's largest crypto exchange, is currently planning expansion into the US.

In addition, the crypto exchange has teamed up with Miami's “seriesOne” company in Florida. SeriesOne provides a portal for collecting funds for crypto projects and initial coin offers (ICOs). Together, the two companies apparently want to open a new crypto exchange for regulated securities tokens in the US in the first half of 2019. Bithumb will contribute investment and technical support.

Bithumb had recently announced plans to offer a decentralized crypto trading platform. By contrast, regulated crypt market Bakkt intends to open its virtual gates in the US this month. Another competition for the Bithumb and seriesOne project could be the crypto exchange “tZero”. With its platform, Patrick Byrne wants to enable the trading of blockchain-based tokens that regulators consider to be securities.

Bithumb did not announce the cooperation with seriesOne on its channels in the social networks. SeriesOne announced the partnership in its corporate blog. Since the company already has connections to South Korea, it was a close partnership with Bithumb.

No worries, seriesOne seems to be biting the bithumb in June 2018. This hack stole $ 30 million of cryptocurrencies. Bithumb himself has apparently recovered well. After all, in the last 24 hours before the editorial deadline, the crypto exchange had a trading volume of $ 1.7 billion.

There is a trend in the US for regulated crypto exchanges. This involves trading in securities tokens. This is made possible by the stock exchanges, although the US legislator has not yet issued any formal regulations. For example, experts see the announced crypt market as a possible trigger for the entry of institutional investors.

In addition, the blockchain start-up company Circle, which is supported by Goldman Sachs, has announced plans to acquire SeedInvest. SeedInvest is a crowfunding start-up through which companies can get investment funding. Circle, which also owns the Poloniax crypto exchange, is also preparing for a listing wave for securities tokens. Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire told Bloomberg in early October:

“Crypto securities will be a new big category of securities that will end up being offered by any company. Just as every company has a website. “

Bighumb, the new partner of seriesOne, recently filed a motion with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This involves the approval to issue 33,369,269 shares. All the services will be offered according to the exceptions provided by the SEC.

Crypto Bourse Bithumb Expands to the US with New Stock Exchange Token (Security Tokens)

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