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CRYPTO TIMES implements BootCamp using ALIS platform! Recruiting for participants!

CRYPTO TIMES implements BootCamp using ALIS platform! Recruiting for participants!

CRYPTO TIMES has decided to implement the CRYPTO TIMES BootCamp Program on November 1, 2018 at social media ALIS that utilizes block chain technology as a program to train future writers.

I am planning to write articles freely for one month on the ALIS platform, to have individual skills upgraded and to have applicants write articles in the future at CRYPTO TIMES.

Background of recruitment

CRYPTO TIMES implements BootCamp using ALIS platform! Recruiting for participants!

In the current market, many media and blogs on cryptocurrency and block chains are born, but because the fever in the cryptocurrency market is somewhat weak, many media that have been renewed on the way It is. Even at CRYPTO TIMES, recruitment of writers continues from time to time, but many writers who can not continue and will leave.

As a detachment factor,

  • Suddenly in media media, writing thresholds is expensive
  • I do not know what article to write
  • Even if you write articles, it is hard to see reactions from outside

I think that it can be raised.

In order to eliminate the above factors, we ask participants to write their favorite articles by using the ALIS platform which is high beta version but the participant’s continued article submission rate is high .

By submitting an article by ALIS, I lower the hurdle of writing articles and receive the reaction from the surroundings, with the purpose of raising individual skills. We will also provide feedback from CRYPTO TIMES if you do not know what to write about the article or what article to write.

In addition, during the BootCamp period of this time, we will try to improve the motivation of continuing article contribution by using ALIS token acquired within ALIS as remuneration of each participant.

CRYPTO TIMES BootCamp Details

CRYPTO TIMES BootCamp Details are as follows.

Participants / Conditions

Anyone who is interested welcomes you! If the category is open to ALIS, you can write it as you like !


October 24, 2018 – October 31, 2018 BootCamp Participant recruitment period

November 1, 2018 – November 30, 2018 BootCamp on ALIS platform

Application Form

If you are interested please contact us from the application form below.


CRYPTO TIMES is an integrated media targeting information on cryptocurrency and block chain for Japan domestically launched in February 2018 by Arata and edindin which are cryptocurrency influencers. After launching, it continues to grow on the right shoulder and the number of accesses has grown to about 450,000 PV and about 210,000 UU at present.

CRYPTO TIMES is one of the distinctive features of other media, characterized by the fact that many writers working at CRYPTO TIMES have posted many articles that make use of their individuality.

What is ALIS

It is a social media platform using block chain technology. With a unique mechanism that allows people who post good articles and those who first made good articles to receive good ALIS tokens as a reward, you can earn rewards without posting advertisements.

Currently, we are using closed beta product released in April 2018 to verify with the community towards realization of value offered. Recently, collaboration with Microsoft has become a hot topic.

Author: Arata – Source Post: https://crypto-times.jp/cryptotimes-bootcamp/

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