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Crypto-Titan has Bitcoin Price Forecast (BTC) of $ 500,000 plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, Stellar and IOTA updates


Bitcoin Course Forecast 25-04-19
The positive forecasts for the Bitcoin price are piling up lately

Today, it's about an extraordinary forecast on the Bitcoin course, the future of Litecoin, and other crypto topics.

Bitcoin Course

The positive predictions for Bitcoin are not breaking. Now Mark Yusko joins in with his prediction. Yusko is the CEO of Morgan Creek Capital. In an interview with “Bitcoin Magazine NL” Yusko has presented his view on the future course of Bitcoin. He said he expects Bitcoin to rise to $ 500,000 over the long term. So he said:

“(…) that would mean Bitcoin has a price of $ 400,000 to $ 500,000 per piece.”

As an example of the often-underestimated underestimation of new technologies, Yusko recalled the early 1990s:

“When the internet hit in the early '90s, no one believed it could ever be important. Paul Krugman [American economist and professor] said that it would never have more meaning than the fax machine. “

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Asked if he really believed Bitcoin could reach that course, Yusko replied:

“Yes, absolutely. Well, whether it will be the case in a decade or two, I do not know. That's not really important to me. At Bitcoin, it's important to me to have a part of the network. Because networks have exponential growth. “

Next he stated:

“But when big users say,” Hey, I want to hedge part of my Fiat assets against financial system disasters, “then Bitcoin, for example, can be very interesting.”


The creators of the popular crypto wallet “MyCrypto” have released a new app. The app is called Ambo and is available for iOS. With the app, users can buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. Supported coins include Ethereum and more than 170 other ERC20 tokens.

NOW AVAILABLE: Download the @Ambo app on iOS! 🎉🎉🎉

Ambo is a mobile wallet that makes your cryptocurrency accessible. Send, receive, store, and more, all from your phone.

DOWNLOAD NOW: https://t.co/M6wPBOKjvg pic.twitter.com/5gLKnb500D

– MyCrypto.com (@MyCrypto) April 23, 2019

Ripple XRP

Ripple Labs is currently looking for a new Senior Engineering Manager. In total, Ripple Labs offers 61 vacancies. Among them are three places at Xpring.

. @ Ripple is #hiring a Senior Engineering Manager – Fiat Settlement! Apply today https://t.co/WS5upvweg9 via @greenhouse #jobs #fintech

– Jim Chauncey-Kelly (@JChaunceyKelly) April 23, 2019

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Litecoin inventor Charlie Lee gave an interview to Podcast Unchained. Lee talked about what moved him to create Litecoin. He also explained how he imagines the future of the platform. Finally, he also highlighted the benefits of implementing private Litecoin transactions in the interview.


The Stellar team is planning to reset their testnet. This is to delete all transactions on the ledger. The goal is to give programmers the ability to create the next version of the platform.

IMPORTANT The #Stellar test network will be reset on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at 0900 UTC. Please see our testnet for best practices: https://t.co/Dt9MK1nCwX

– Stellar (@StellarOrg) April 22, 2019


IOTA has been focusing heavily on Europe lately. Now they want to expand their presence in the US and Canada. The IOTA Foundation writes on Medium:

“(…) we are now starting to build on our lack of presence in other regions, especially in North America. But it's important to point out that North America is just the starting point and not the only expansion. “



Tron's creator, Justin Sun, has announced a live stream. As part of that, Sun will talk about the new Tron-based version of Tether (USDT). He wants to show why he believes Stablecoin will benefit the network.

I'll hold a livestream on @PeriscopeCo at 10:30 (PDT) this Thursday⏰ and talk about #USDT on #TRON blockchain! Wondering what are the advantages compared with USDT-OMNI? How can TRC20 based $ USDT benefit you? When I'm live! Join TRON family! pic.twitter.com/uNHDM2WzpZ

– Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) April 23, 2019

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