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Crypto-Wal forecasts Bitcoin's price of $ 100,000 plus Ripple XRP News, Tron, Ethereum, Litecoin and EOS Updat

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Today I have compiled many interesting developments from the world of cryptocurrencies for you. Among other things, it is about the price forecast of a Chinese billionaire to Bitcoin and the listing of three new crypto currencies on Coinbase.

Bitcoin Course

Chinese cryptomillionaire Dong Zhao has made his prediction on Bitcoin's future course on the blogging service Sina Weibo. This was reported by the website Bitcoin Magazine. Zhao said on Weibo that he sees Bitcoin going to the next halving at $ 10,000 per coin. This halving is scheduled for May next year. After that, Zhao said, bitcoin will break in and eventually go up to $ 100,000. So he wrote:

“Bitcoin's price may rise moderately to $ 10,000 before halving next year. After that, it will sink to a price between $ 6,000 and $ 7,000. “

Then, Zhao hopes, a new bull market will prevail, leading the price to new heights. This could be between 50,000 USD and 100,000 USD. In 2021, the price could rise even further.

Next, Zhao said he believes that retail investors and [financial] institutions will invest a lot in Bitcoin over the coming years. This involves amounts of hundreds of billions of dollars. It said:

“What matters most is where this unparalleled amount of capital comes from and how it gets to market. Until then, a new market structure will be established. We should then experience a slowdown in unique opportunities for start-ups and investments in the field. “

Ripple XRP News

The ripple solution xRapid has been recognized as a possibly world changing idea. This emerges from the “Fast Company” magazine, this year's “World Changing Ideas” award. In the category “Technology for Developing Countries”, xRapid was added to the list of “honorable mentions”.

Ripple's xRapid is honored @ FastCompany's 2019 World Changing Ideas Award for helping to improve reliability and lower the cost of remittances in the developing world! https://t.co/7SFbyvt2Mg #FCWorldChangingIdeas pic.twitter.com/Xdm64r49vE

– Ripple (@Ripple) April 8, 2019

BanQu took first place in this category. It's a solution that allows people in extreme poverty to create a digital identity on the blockchain.

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The latest issue of “EthHub Weekly” has been released. This week's edition will feature new developments in Ethereum 2.0, Uniswap and Compound, Maker, Etherscan and more.

This week in crypto:

– @ ConsenSys announces startups for Tachyon accelerator program 👍

– @ sigp_io Eth2.0 live testnet client 😍
– @ Rocket_Pool April development update 🚀

br> – @ ConnextNetwork's @Arjun_Bhuptani on the Into the Ether podcast 🎙️

More 👇https: //t.co/uLDI7MnvdA

– Anthony Sassano (@ sassal0x) April 8, 2019

EOS, Augur and Maker

The crypto-exchange Coinbase lists the crypto currencies EOS, Augur and Maker. The trade of EOS (EOS) and Augur (REP) is possible all over the world. Excluded is only the US state of New York. Maker (MKR), in turn, traders can only trade outside the US.


The Litecoin Foundation has run a doctoral course with a Korean partner. Interested parties could book the best seats of a concert as “Ultra VIP Tickets”. You could pay these cards only in Litecoin (LTC). K-pop greats like Kim Jong-kook, Ailee, Wheesung and others performed at the concert itself.

# litecoin forever! # kpop # IgnitetheFireLTC @LTCFoundation pic.twitter.com/UjT6srl9F0

– johnkimofficial.com ⚡️Chief LTC Evangelist (@ johnkim77) April 6, 2019


Tron has issued a roadmap outlining the evolution of the Sun Network.

The Layer 2 Scaling Solution is designed to increase the transaction speed of the platform. At the same time, it should serve to tokenize the file-sharing platform BitTorrent.

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