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Cryptofund giant Galaxy Digital hits $ 270 million in 2018 net loss




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The cryptocurrency investment bank Galaxy Digital announced an April 29th news release, revealing a net loss of $ 272.7 million in 2018.

Galaxy Digital has announced that it has recorded a loss of $ 136 million in the first nine months of 2018 at the end of November last year, and this announcement shows that the loss of the company is virtually three months It shows that it has doubled .

Mike Novograts, who leads Galaxy Digital, said that the company’s business goal is to “do not break as far as possible”, saying the company’s future as follows.

“Although 2018 was a year of hardship for the cryptocurrency industry, we are satisfied with the way our team steered the difficult market dynamics. To expand the business strategically over time We’re confident that we can identify and invest on a number of unique opportunities as we continue to build an institutional level platform. ”

Novograts is also bullish about the long-term potential of Bitcoin (BTC) and predicts that the cryptocurrency will be digital gold in February, with $ 8000 being a viable medium-term price It says that there is.

Article Source: Cointelegraph

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