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Cryptospells (Chrispe) carries out the first official tournament, 2019 Q4 roadmap also released




2017 Investment in cryptocurrency started in May. You will be attracted to the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency, so that information will be disseminated through the blog of a cryptocurrency enthusiast who works actively in Shibuya. 2017 Participated in the ICO for the first time in June, 2018. Like to invest in. One of the Crypto Times operators. My favorite food is ramen and takuan.

Cryptospells is 2019 Year 10 The first official tournament was held on May 6th, and the tournament ended successfully.

The silver card issuance right NFT, and the participants are actually 34 Beyond the name, it seems very exciting.

[Cryptographic Spells First Announcement Results]

👑Champion kamatomo (@kamatomogkbwryt)

🏆Runner-up TPHzjn3henND1gI (@ TPHzjn3henND1gI)

🔥 Best4 @ yamapyblack @maikurihs

❗️ Congratulations‼ ️ # Crispe https://t.co/rItvSAvEEt pic.twitter.com/V2oIlj39 vg

— Blockchain TCG | Crypto Spells Official (@crypto_spells) October 6, 2019

The road map including the future development plan has been released as the 4Q Stakeholder General Meeting.

from Crispe Medium

About 3 months after the official release, Crispe now has 12, 000 It has grown to a game that exceeds people.

In this stakeholder meeting, Crispe's Q4 will be operated from the management game, based on the concept of TCG created by everyone, as well as large updates, parameters Announced that voting system β and guild function will be implemented.

Please refer to the official Medium for future major updates and detailed contents of TCG created by everyone.

Article Source: Medium-Crispe

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