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Data showing that Binance and Huobi possess much Tether, following Tether Inc.

It is the most famous Tether (tether / USDT) as a stable coin, but according to the data published by the Element Group, it became clear that Binance and Huobi possess a large amount of USDT tokens .

Biggest holders of Tether today are treasury, Binance and Huobi. Bitfinex has a very small amount. This means that;
1. Bitfinex has lost a lot of customers.
2. Bitfinex customers have sold Tether for crypto.
3. @ cz_Binance is certainly in top of the situation.
Source: @ TheElementGrp pic.twitter.com/2p12TaJp0t

– Ran NeuNer (@ cryptomanran) October 19, 2018

Of course the issuing Tether Company has more USDT tokens than any exchange, except Binance is the biggest holder and Huobi follows it, with the exception of tokens and owner unknown tokens .

Bitfinex sent remittance of 690 million USDT to Tether for the purpose of reducing supplies and stabilizing prices last week. As a result, the USDT token under Tether is equivalent to 30% of supply.

Bitfinex is currently the second largest after Binance, Huobi, Poloniex and Bittrex.

The Element Group analyzes that the price of the cryptocurrency denominated in USDT has risen and that the price of the cryptocurrency denominated in legal currency has also risen as investors have made a distance with Tether . This means that there was virtually no outflow of funds from cryptocurrency to legal currency.

On the other hand, many stable coins of the US dollar-linked movement have recently appeared, and it is considered to affect the future of the USDT.

Article Source: Element Group, Twitter


It does not feel like Tether falls off the throne of stable coin as a matter of time …

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