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DateCoin latest information – Denim Japan Localized version · Partnership with Andromeda Capital

The other day I got informed that Nikita, the CEO of DateCoin who charged the interview at the CRYPTO TIMES interview, said that there is positive information on DateCoin, so in this article I would like to summarize the latest information on Datecoin here .

Please also read the dialogue between Arata and Nikita’s matching app from the following article.

【D10e】 DateCoin CEO to Nikita Project Interview – CRYPTO TIMES

DateCoin “Denim” Localized version of Japan July Launch

In the DateCoin project, which developed a matching application “Denim” boasting 800,000 users now in Russia, we are introducing artificial intelligence and neural network based on block chain for the first time in the world.

The Japanese localized version of Denim announced that it will release a smartphone application for Japan in July 2018 .

Artificial intelligence to matching app? Some people think that it is. However, Denim will analyze user preferences, contact history, etc. to provide a partner pool of optimal matching. By utilizing block chain technology, we will try to solve user identification and authentication problems by creating a reliable environment.

In addition to Japan, localization applications for several countries of Denim will be released in the future.

Signed a strategic partnership with DateCoin x Andromeda Capital

Also, DateCoin seems to have concluded a strategic partnership with Andromeda Capital in Russia.

DateCoin Limited, which operates the matching application Denim, has concluded a strategic partnership agreement with Andromeda Capital based in Switzerland. One of the points of this agreement is buying more than $ 1 million in tokens by the fund. This transaction was held nine days before ICO was closed.

“We have been looking at DateCoin trends for a couple of months and have carefully studied.We are finally very pleased to be able to publicly notify the long-term partnership with the DateCoin team today, It showed sufficiently convincing grounds for the potential growth potential and the rise in token price after listing.In addition, the DateCoin project has already been widely recognized in the market and it is a project that distinguishes it from other ICO’s. “

“We believe that collaboration with Andromeda has a high priority for us.This investment will bring us closer to our ICO goal procurement value, which enables us to expand business in more countries Demand for tokens will increase with the spread of our services. “

Andromeda Capital is an investment enterprise belonging to the Andromeda group specializing in investing in projects in the field of block chains that can be considered to change the world situation.

DateCoin Limited has the track record of developing a matching application Denim boasting 800,000 users in Russia, and as the DateCoin project, it is the world’s first to incorporate artificial intelligence and neural networks based on the block chain and aim for global expansion. We plan to release a smartphone application for the Japanese market in July 2018.


DateCoin remains short until the end of the ICO, but the period is also settled on exchanges such as Tidex and Allcoin.

It seems that we will proactively advance to the Japanese market and other global markets in the future, so I’d like to watch what will happen.

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