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DeCurret (Dikalet) starts opening a new cryptocurrency exchange account! You can get up to 5500 yen worth of BTC in a limited time campaign

DeCurret Co., Ltd., which has just been approved as a registered company on March 25, started opening a new account on the exchange from March 27 today.

Currently, it is a prior application acceptance start period, it is possible to apply for the basic account opening, opening of the basic account is started from April 16th, it is possible to exchange currencies and trade.

Dashboard screen after DeCurret guest login

In addition, as a limited-time campaign, an account will be opened by June 30, and exchange of currency pairs will be carried out as a present for receiving up to 5500 yen worth of BTC .

DeCurret new registration

Campaign Details

A Bitcoin worth 2000 yen is presented by opening a new account

Period: March 27, 2019 to June 30, 2019

Requirements: Open a new account and need to upgrade to a basic account

Date of grant: Varies depending on the opening date (if completed by April, granted in mid-May, if completed by May, granted in mid-June, if completed by June, granted in mid-July)

Up to 3,500 yen worth of Bitcoin gifts for all 7 currency pair exchange transactions

In the campaign period, the yen achieves cryptocurrency in yen, and other virtual currencies in bitcoin, fulfills the conditions by purchasing more than the specified quantity and amount per order.

Period: April 16, 2019 (scheduled) to June 30, 2019

Intended conditions: Conduct transactions with minimum amount and amount of each currency in a basic account

Granting date: Varies according to the trading date (Granted in mid-June in case of closing by April-May, granted in mid-July in case of closing by June)

Remarks: The amount of the present is changed by the number of currency pairs that traded within the campaign period (※ 1 per type: ¥ 500, maximum ¥ 3500 equivalent presents)

DeCurret new registration

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