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Describe the characteristics and future of cryptocurrency AION! Exchange / How to Buy / Chart Summary

AION 仮想通貨

AION Network (Aion) aims to be a block chain hub and platform as a 3rd generation block chain.

It is one of the few projects that is expected in the long term.

On this page, we summarize the superiority compared with the competition from the characteristics and outline of such AION.

If you read this, you can see what project AION is and how to change the world .

Let’s briefly outline the cryptocurrency AION Network (Aion)

AION overview

Detailed explanation of the characteristics of AION Network (Aion)

AION features

A brief explanation of AION is a project to create a block chain platform that can be scalable , privacy protected , and interoperable (cross chain) .

What is a cross chain? Explanation of technology enabling block chain connection – CRYPTO TIMES

There are various block chains including Bitcoins and ether symbols, but as AION becomes that hub , it plays a role of connecting block chains .

It also functions as a platform, so you can also develop dApps on AION.

Those who feel that it is a little difficult, should skip to the “AION Future Prospects – Use Case”, you will fully understand the charm of AION.

Aim for third-generation block chain that can be scalable, privacy protected and interoperable

AION aims to become a third generation block chain and builds a scalable, privacy-protected, interactive block chain.

What is interactable?
It is what we call a so-called cross chain. In AION it is expressed as interaction of block chains. Data can be exchanged between different block chains = means that it can interact.


Like the image, AION Network makes interaction possible by becoming a hub of various chains.

Moreover, by connecting each block chain with this mechanism, scalability with no upper limit is realized.

Since “TPS of AION Network” = “TPS of all block chains connected to AION”, infinitely large scalability is realized.

High-speed, low-cost dApps platform

AION plays a role like a cross chain, but it also plays a role as a platform for dApps .

Virtual machine Virtual Machine (VM) is required to run dApps.

It is equipped with EVM (Ethereum VM) for Ethernet, AVM (AION VM) for AION .

Since AVM is based on EVM based on the improvement, it is higher performance than EVM .

  1. Speed ​​improvements in computation: In the benchmark test comparison between the EVMJIT and Aion FastVM, the FastVM is 59% faster in time per execution (54 μs vs. 34 μs).
  2. Storage decrease: In the same benchmark test, the resulted output is 50% smaller in byte size (32 bytes vs 16 bytes)
  3. Decrease in computational cost: The computation performed in the benchmark test resulted in a 72% decrease in “Gas” when performed by the FastVM.
  1. Increased calculation speed: AION FastVM’s calculation speed is 59% faster than EVM
  2. Storage reduction: AION FastVM usage storage is 32% smaller than EVM
  3. Reduced calculation cost: The calculation cost of FastVM is 72% smaller than EBM

Although it is the stage of testing, you can see that the performance is considerably better than the EVM.

In this way, we will build a high-speed, low-cost dApps platform.

I have concluded a partnership with ICON, WAN

AION, ICON, Wanchain have a common goal of ” connecting block chain protocols ” and have created and joined the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance (Block Chain Interaction Alliance) in order to realize this.

Under the common goal of combining independent block chains, three projects will carry out technical cooperation.

Although it is English, there are also interview videos so please try it.

【AION Network’s future potential】 How to use · Use case explained

AION Future prospect

This section summarizes how AION actually changes society.

Here, I will explain what kind of problem can be solved, what kind of expectation is given to AION, by example, rather than technical matter.

Infinite scalability (TPS) can be realized

AION Network can realize infinite TPS .

What is TPS
Transaction per Second indicates the number of transactions that can be processed per second.

The fact that data can be exchanged between different block chains means that when one block chain is crowded, it can be processed in another block chain via AION.

For example, when the Ethernet network gets crowded, you can process the transactions of the Ethernet on another block chain via AION.

In this way, if AION can connect more chains, a more scalable network will be realized.

It will be easy to blend existing chains and block chains

One thing that AION aims for is to easily combine existing services and block chains.

In the speech introduced here, companies are listed as assumed users of AION.

The team has been investigating the reasons why companies can not put themselves in the block chain field for more than four years, and in the future we will use AION’s technology to link block chains with existing industries .

You can move one dApps over multiple chains

With AION’s system you will be able to do something like ” running dApps on ETH on NEO “.

Originally, dApps on ETH can only be run on ETH, and complicated transitions are necessary to move on another chain.

However, by using AION ‘s hub function, different block chains can be connected easily, so it is easy to migrate dApps, as well as multiple chains.

Let’s check the road map of AION

AION Roadmap

Phase 1: Kilimanjaro
EVM compatible FastVM
AION interchain
Phase 2: Denali
AVM ver1
A proprietary scripting language
Phase 3: Everest
Join the bridge
AVM ver 2

AION’s road map is open to Phase 1 to 3.

It is a feature that each mountain is named.

Phase 1: Kilimanjaro

Phase 1: Kilimanjaro
EVM compatible FastVM
AION interchain

FastVM has already been made public, as shown in “High-Speed, Low-cost dApps Platform”, it has achieved superior performance than EVM.

The purpose of AION interchain is to make it possible to transfer AION token from ERC – 20 to native token of original chain.

Phase 2: Denali

Phase 2: Denali
AVM ver1
A proprietary scripting language

AION runs a virtual machine to run dApps.

AVM has its own scripting language, which is characterized by its light weight (high speed, low cost) and high security.

This Phase 2: Delina is the road map within 2018.

Phase 3: Everest

Phase 3: Everest
Cross chain by bridge
AVM ver 2

Phase 3: Everest will be achieved within 2019.

You can connect multiple block chains with the bridge. (Cross chain mounting)

In addition, AVM becomes more scalable with Ver2, and we plan to update it in response to multiple language support.

What is the advantage of AION Network (Aion)? Compared with similar projects

If you understand AION to a certain extent, let’s also know about competition and similar projects.

Difference from platform system “Ethereum” “NEO”


ETH, NEO, famous as a platform system project, AION also functions as a platform such as dApps.

AION is superior to the currencies of other platforms is that AVM can operate at high speed and low cost, and that it can cope with cross-chain by bridge .

Also, cross-chain support, dApps migration and communication with other platforms are also possible, perhaps it could be the third generation block chain platform.

DApps using major platforms Summary

Blockchain dapp platform adoption $ aion $ neo $ eos $ trx $ icx $ wan $ nem $ qtum $ lisk pic.twitter.com/IEmeXDapy 1

– poeper de poep (@ opandam 1) May 31, 2018

For reference, although it will be other than ETH, there are dApps companies that use each platform.

In this way you can see that there are quite a few projects that are based on AION.

AION base JP panel discussion
  • Aion, TMX, MOOG, Deloitte
  • NorthernBlock, Fifth 9, ChainSafe, Velocia, Centrys, MatrixOne

Difference from cross-chain project “Cosmos” “Polkadot”


AION is a network that acts like a hub of block chains, and is often compared with Cosmos and Polkadot.

But the basic cross-chain structure does not change very much.

Each project is a hub, and it is an image that cross chain is made by making another chain that can interact with block chains such as Etherium.

Minor differences are consensus algorithm, affiliated project, existence of private chain, etc. (AION corresponds to private chain)

Opinion · Tweet summary for AION Network (Aion)

There is acquaintance that portfolio is only AION.

AION connects not only blockchain but also DAG such as IOTA.
I think it’s a really big project. pic.twitter.com/jklz4omaM1

– ʀʏᴜ [ᴄʀʏᴘᴛᴏ ɪɴᴠᴇsᴛᴏʀ] (@ Ryugunsun) April 11, 2018

To tell the truth, $ AION has more than $ AURA.

– Consommé licking Taro @ Longhai high editor-in-chie (@ Ether _ takuya) May 9, 2018

SAR Buy Signal. MACD and RSI up. Wave Trend Oscillator in buy area too. Good support zone. A ton of relevant events to come nearly. $ Crypto pic.twitter .com / 0zfU4dnHLP

– Crypto Rand (@ crypto_rand) January 27, 2018

Portfolio, $ MAN, $ AION, it seems that it seems that it seems to be good only with some good quality ICOs coming out in the future.

It seems to grow the most in terms of terms for 5-10 years

– Kei Shimon (@ crypkei) June 6, 2018

Additionally $ AION CEO’s sales force is amazing. We offer it with MOOG in business relationship with the US Defense Agency or partnered with Bancor, SONM, bitt, Mataverse, enigma, https://t.co/wrIcx5jcR0. ICON and wanchain also have a joint development agreement called block chain, interoperability alliance.
I hope I can expect it in the future

– Grilled crypto (@ doteyakii) March 8, 2018

Let’s check the chart of AION Network (Aion)

AION’s BTC denominated chart.

Compared to other currencies, the response to Funda seems to be not very strong.

As of mid-June 2018, we divide the ICO price in BTC and ETH denominated. (From ICODROPS data)

Let’s make it as cheap as possible while referring to the chart.

Technical analysis of AION Network (Aion) TradingviewChart is useful!

Tradingview Chart is recommended for people who want to frequently check charts of AION, those who want to do technical analysis.

There are lots of functions that make it easy to check charts every day, such as richness of indicators, easy to see, favorite currency registration function.

Since it can be used for free, it is recommended that you just register.

List of exchanges that AION Network (Aion) can purchase! Recommended is Binance!

List of exchanges in AION

This is a summary of exchanges that can trade AION.

The biggest trading volume is Binance (BTC built) , then BitForex (USDT denominated) .

If you use an exchange with a high trading volume, you will be able to trade dealings at the price you want to trade.

Therefore, AION’s deal is Binance’s most recommended.

AION Network (Aion) Project Summary

We have summarized the features, future prospects and exchanges information of AION Network (Aion) .

Since there are many similar projects on platform type and cross chain type, it is difficult to understand honest differences.

That’s why I’d like to check on the latest information or checking partners and see if it is ahead of similar projects.

If you want to know more about AION, please read the white paper and check official Twitter etc.

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