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Describe the features and future of cryptocurrency ContentBox / BOX! Exchange · chart summary

ContentBox (content box) is a project to solve problems in the digital content industry.

It can be said that products can be expected from the fact that BOX, which is a ContentBox token, has already been listed on Huobi Pro and that it has applications and many users .

In this article, we will introduce the details of the function, the competition etc. from the overview of ContentBow from a unique viewpoint widely.

ContentBox overview

Problems of Digital Content Industry and Solutions to It

ContentBox raises the following three problems in the current digital contents industry.

Three problems in the digital content industry
  1. Problems in the digital content industry It is difficult for content creators to earn their own earnings
  2. A situation where content consumers do not have consideration due to the contribution to the platform
  3. Fierce competition among content platforms

Content creator side problem

In the earnings structure on platforms such as YouTube, the platform that sells advertisements, not the content creators themselves, is acquiring huge profits.

Because of this vested interest structure, content creators have no power to negotiate fair income and payment .

With such a centralized content platform, obviously it dominates most of the profits generated by the platform side.

Content consumer problem

Users usually do various activities that lead to improvement of the platform such as highly evaluated, low evaluated, and spam reports of videos.

Users do not get anything from these user actions.

Suppose that the service that the user provides to the platform side in the form of activities is not free, it is a rarity that some kind of reward should be given .

Problems between content platforms

Since user information and contents are stored in each data silo, it is very difficult to build mutual trust between the content platforms .

In addition, this leads to fierce inter-platform competition.

If this competition continues, the cost hurdle for content rights acquisition will be high, and the entry barriers for small and medium platforms will be even higher .

And, as a result, the oligopoly state of a large platform is continued.

ContentBox’s solution

ContentBox proposes a solution that uses block chains against the problem that there is room for fatal or significant improvement in the digital contents industry like the above.

Using Block Chain, ContentBox provides a completely distributed autonomous platform (infrastructure) that is managed by an open source community , unlike existing industry leaders such as YouTube.

What is ContentBox? Introduction to overview and 3 axis functions

As the name suggests, ContentBox aims to diversify the digital content industry.

For example, in the case of music distribution, transactions based on the playing time and the number of playbacks occur for the rights of the music, so the right income is paid directly to the producer, not the platform.

This applies not only to music distribution but also to all platforms where podcasts, video distribution, and other contents intervene .

ContentBox consists mainly of the three functions in the image above.

BOX Payout

Ethereum uses a virtual machine called EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), but this does not exist in the chain used by ContentBox.

In order to achieve justification of rights income, which is the main feature of ContentBox, the on-chain smart contract adopted by Ethereum etc. entails a very large waste .

I think that it is hard to understand, so I would like to briefly explain the difference in this mechanism with the following figure.

※ If you would like to investigate this mechanism in detail, please search with Schnorr Signature.

Let’s consider a music distribution application built on ContentBox as an example.

For example, suppose that user B pays 10 US dollars for right holder C at cost when song A is played. Suppose that this flow can be specified by the platform makers and others.

Taking “A playback → payment from B to C” as an example, instead of verifying each conditional branch in this flow, if this entire process is enforced as specified, It will be handed over.

In this way, it is possible to deal with enormous TXs from users who are expected to increase exponentially at the same time, while enjoying the merit of the block chain, while greatly reducing the verification process, BOX It is a big feature of Payout .

BOX Passport

As the name implies, BOX Passport plays a role like a passport, it can record personal information required for transparency of rights income, and can synchronize among multiple applications .

The characteristics of BOX Passport are summarized below.

Features of BOX Passport
  • It is fully distributed and has interoperability between applications on ContentBox
  • Single personal information is stored and shared on the block chain between different applications
  • Information on rights income etc. and TXs is not disclosed

For each service built on ContentBox, BOX which is a native token (after mainnet launch) is used, so it can be thought that there is a Web 3.0 aspect like Metamask .

However, by linking to your account with personal information, posting pirated copies or copied content will also be tied to personal information and social credibility.

As a result, problems such as content diversion within the platform are not only dramatically improved , but also a mechanism is realized in which transparency and seamless payment is made to users who created legitimate content .

In addition to this, BOX Passport is scheduled to implement a system called ” BOX Login ” that allows you to use various services with a single click like logging in to web services using Google and Facebook accounts It will be able to do.

BOX Unpack

As mentioned above, Box Unpack builds every platform with content intervening.

BOX Unpack, which supports various languages ​​such as Java, Python, Go , provides an environment where developers can provide libraries, SDK (Software Development Kit), web tools, etc., and develop applications on Content Box easily It provides.

Although BOX Payout and BOX Passport introduced as functions of three axes, it is also possible to incorporate this easily in the development of applications and services.

ContentBox use case

I’ve been discussing the features of ContentBox roughly so far, but I think that there are also some people who are hard to understand how they actually are used.

So, I would like to introduce some examples of ContentBox that can do this!

Use case example: Music distribution service

I think that it is possible to create a system like a pseudo Apple Music that was impossible with the service using BOX Unpack.

This mechanism will be briefly described using the following example.

ContentBox, which was concerned about consumer action’s inability to value, is given a reward for evaluation and action on content.

Using this, the user can acquire the token, deposit the token, and use the pseudo-paying billing system like the image to watch the music in real free .

You can pay this music directly to music producers without changing the core part of “free” that was realized by using advertisements etc in Spotify etc etc.

In this example dare to introduce the use case using a special form called deposit, it is possible to customize Sumakon according to the service you want to build by using BOX Unpack I think that you understood.

In addition to this, you can customize BOX Payout or BOX Passport, which is the native feature of ContentBox, to extend further functions.

ContentBox’s strengths and concerns

The strength of ContentBox ①

An application called CastBox already exists in one of the applications built on ContentBox.

CastBox is a podcast application that has 17 million user bases and gains third place on Google Play .

As a result of confirming to the team, some podcasts are currently being offered for a fee as premium content, but other podcasts are provided free of charge, so even if a token is introduced, users still use the service as before It seems that you can do.

By integrating BOX Passport into CastBox, you can expect to be seamlessly migrated to other services built on the ContentBox infrastructure.

ContentBox’s strength is that it is relatively easy to break through the walls of acquiring new users early in the product , which is frequently pointed out as a problem in emerging projects.

ContentBox’s strength ②

Although it was not mentioned in the feature portion, ContentBox adopts its own algorithm which is very scalable and powerful also on the system aspect in many projects of the digital contents system are scattered.

ContentBox adopts a consensus building algorithm called ” Proof of Network Effect (PoNE) “.

What is Proof of Network Effect (PoNE)
PoNE is a model that derives PoS in a powerful and scalable form, and nodes need to deposit tokens in order to do mining. This is because users who deposit BOX tokens on smartphone terminals and the like and nodes connected to the network have the possibility of being selected as a block creator, it is said that this is a very diversified, secure and scalable mechanism I can say that.

In other words, since independent verification without dependence on chain such as Ethereum and Wanchain and more users increase the number of users can increase the speed and powerful verification work, users can always use the service comfortably I will.

Concern of ContentBox ①

The first point is about shifting from free to charged .

Considering YouTube from the user’s point of view, all the video contents can be used free of charge, as long as the activity within the platform is not worth the effort.

We believe that the models using Spotify and YouTube ads are established because they are willing to watch advertisements instead of using it for free.

Concern of ContentBox ②

The second point is about token demand and price fluctuation .

Since the content creator side acquires the compensation earned in the legal currency with the token, there is a necessity to exchange this to the legal currency when there is no use of the token in society.

In addition, if there is no demand for tokens that are comparable to the producer’s demand for this legal currency, the token price will continue to decline.

In addition, the number of circulation is constantly increasing from high evaluation, low evaluation, report of spam, etc. Because of the security of rights revenue, we can not deny the possibility of things like inflation spiral.

In order to maintain this model, I felt that it would be necessary to withdraw demand for tokens of many users and to continue to secure demand and liquidity for permanent tokens.

Token Metrics

ContentBox Token Metrics

Use Proportion
Presale twenty five%
team 15%
Incentives in the ecosystem 30%
Foundation 20%
partnership Ten%

As shown in the table above, the percentage of tokens assigned to the presales is set as low as 25%.

The incentive in the ecosystem is set at 30%, which means that the number of tokens will increase as the number of users increases.


Below is the road map of ContentBox.
Let’s check about the project progress so far and the schedule of future product launch.

ContentBox roadmap

season Contents
2016 January Forming the CastBox team
2017 February CastBox Launches for Android version
2017 January CastBox launch for iOS version
2017 October Deep in-audio-search function Launch
2018 September Token integration into CastBox application
2018 December BOX Passport (alpha version) Launch
2019 March BOX Payout test net
2019 Q4 BOX Payout Main net

September 2018

September 2018 Token integration into CastBox application

Tokens will be integrated into CastBox, a podcast application.

By doing this, you will be able to contribute tokens like distributors to distributors.

December 2018

December 2018 BOX Passport (alpha version) Launch

Transition to BOX Passport of user information registered in CastBox by Launch of α version will begin.

March, 2019

March, 2019 BOX Payout test net

2019 Q4

2019 Q4 BOX Payout Main net

Token issuance will be initially done on the Ethereum chain as an ERC token, but will transition to the chain of BOX Payout with the launch of the main net.


Let’s check the content of the ContentBox team etc!

Renee Wang / CastBox CEO · Founder

He has worked on Google in the past and belongs to the mobile advertising team in Beijing, Japan, Dublin.
Peking University (psychology) degree acquired
Innovation Works 8 months
Google 4 years 5 months

Hu Gang / ContentBox CTO · Chief Crypto Officer

Beijing University deeply acquainted with computer science from the era, has over 10 years of web / mobile application development experience.
Peking University (computer science / CS) master’s degree / Duke University MBA obtained
Mayagame 2 years 5 months
5milesapp 4 year 1 month
ContentBox 7 months

Alex He / CastBox CTO · Co-Founder

Mainly research and develop Linux / Java / Android applications in Motolora, Xiaomi, CastBox.
Peking University (Mathematics) Ph.D. / (MS) MS
Motorola 4 years
Xiaomi Less than 1 year
CastBox 2 years 5 months

Dr. Xiaohui Liu / Block Chain Scientist

Design and implement distributed protocols for next-generation wireless mesh networks on Facebook.
Wuhan University (CS) Ph.D. / Wayne State University (CS) MS
Wayne State University 5 years 4 months
Facebook 2 years 4 months

Yiqiang Wang / Kaitong Finance former founder · CTO

He served as founder and CTO of the Development Finance Relief Clothing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. starting in 2015.
Master of Fudan University (CS)
Umeng 4 year 1 month
Opening Finance Relief Clothing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 2 years 8 months


59 investors including famous venture capital such as BLOCK VC are posted on the official website.

It can be said that CastBox already has over 17 million users as an application on ContentBox, and it is highly valued by its own algorithm which achieves decentralization of products.

List of exchanges that ContentBox / BOX can purchase

Exchange list of BOX

Currently, ContentBox can deal with Huobi or IDEX. In other cases, dealings with IDEX are now possible.

Because Huobi is prohibited from handling in Japan, purchasing with IDEX may be better if you want a BOX token.


Although it is easy, it introduced the unique features, tokens, teams, etc. from the overview of ContentBox.

ContentBox aims to build a distributed infrastructure in every digital content platform using the user base of CastBox which is one application.

If you would like to check further details of the project please check the white papers, official website, Telegram etc.

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