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Details of the cryptocurrency wallet on Samsung Galaxy S10 will be published

SamsungのGalaxy S10に搭載される仮想通貨ウォレットの詳細が公開される

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Samsung has released the details of the cryptocurrency wallet installed on the recently announced Galaxy S10.

According to CoinDesk Korea, the wallet seems to support Ethereal ($ ETH) and ERC20 tokens . At the time of the wallet announcement there was a report that also corresponds to the Bitcoin, but at the moment it is said that it is not supported.

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The wallet also supports DApps (distributed applications), and supports 4 types of virtual game platform Enjin, cosmetics specialized SNS Cosmee, kitten breeding game CryptoKitties, and payment service CoinDuck.

These DSpps can be downloaded from the Galaxy store, but the compatible terminal is only Galaxy S10 . Samsung plans to expand its compatible devices in the future.

The company announced on February 20 that the S10 series will be equipped with storage for cryptocurrency private keys, and has released the details of “Blockchain Keystore” .

This storage is supposed to have three functions such as payment, digital signature, storage and transfer of cryptocurrency, etc. It is used together with blockchain wallet.

The Galaxy S10 has begun shipping pre-orders on the 8th of this month, and it has been reported that payments can be made through CoinDuck.

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