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Developed its own US dollar peg type digital currency for NYK employees aboard ships

From the information that stakeholders told Bloomberg, stakeholders knew that NYK , one of Japan’s three major shipping companies, is developing its own US dollar peg type digital currency that is used as salary to shipboard employees did.

It is said that the digital currency that can be managed with smartphones and also supports satellite communications on board ships is expected to be released during the first half of 2019 as planned.

The main purpose of the digital currency is to function as a system that allows shipping employees circling many countries to easily convert their salary into local currency .

Currently, it is said that employees engaged in the maritime industry are getting salaries by cash or direct deposit transfer, but it seems that exchange into the currency of the residence will be smoother by changing this to digital currency.

According to Bloomberg’s report, it is said that from the information of stakeholders it can not be determined whether the same currency used block chain technology.

However, based on features such as ” exchange of legal currency ” and ” US dollar peg ” of the same digital currency, it seems probably that it used some sort of distributed ledger technology.

Article Source | Bloomberg (English)

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