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Developed “cryptocurrency hardware wallet technology” to manage secret keys with Sony ICL and IC card

Sony Computer Science Laboratory (Sony CSL) announced that it developed “cryptocurrency hardware wallet technology” applying Sony Corporation’s contactless IC card technology.

Compared to the traditional hardware wallet that connects USB and PC, the IC card is small, easy to carry and has high convenience .

In addition, it is possible to securely generate and save secret keys with a module in the IC card with high tamper resistance (hard to analyze, robustness).

Source: https: //www.sonycsl.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/prs201810-2_IC_card.png

In addition to managing the secret key of the cryptocurrency Wallet, the technology can also be applied to various applications such as managing a secret key when licensing personal information in a personal information management system utilizing a block chain Is possible.

Sony CSL will work towards commercialization of “cryptocurrency hardware wallet technology” from now on.

Sony is taking an aggressive stance on the block chain, such as developing a rights information processing system utilizing block chains and applying for hardware related patents.

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