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Developers are increasingly leaving Silicon Valley and switching to blockchain startups

Developers are increasingly leaving Silicon Valley and switching to blockchain startups

Many software developers dream of getting a job from one of the big technology companies, such as Apple, Google or Facebook. But that seems to be changing as more and more developers are giving up these coveted jobs to work in the blockchain industry.

In a recent article, Forbes examines the career of Maximilian Wang. Wang was 28 years old in August and quit his career on Facebook. Instead, he founded a crypto exchange called “Bgogo”. He is currently the CEO of Blockchain Start-ups.

Wang told Forbes about his move:

“You know, engineers are pretty simple. Give us a task and we'll find the solution – and we'll spend it all the time. It's hard to see what the world looks like out there, how it works, and how to make money there. “

Wang first heard about Blockchain technology in early 2017. He then spent whole nights reading the whitepapers from Blockchain projects. During the day he continued to work on Facebook.

Wang further explained that his colleagues did not take him seriously when he told them enthusiastically about the blockchain. He remembered everyone believed it was a scam.

However, that changed when the crypto market started rallying in late 2017. At the beginning of the following year, everyone talked about the growing blockchain industry, Wang said. He then recognized the industry's potential as his cryptocurrency portfolio increased by a value equal to his annual salary.

Wang remembered:

“The hardest part was not recognizing the opportunity to earn money, but taking it.”

Next he added:

“What made it so hard was to see what was happening out there in the world and then return to reality. So I always had to do my best to focus on my work [on Facebook]. “

He firmly believes that crypto exchanges will be the banks of the future, Wang said. That's what made him decide to quit his job on Facebook and work on Bgogo.

Another example is software developer Qi Zhou, who previously worked on Facebook and Google. He also gave up his previous work to build the QuarkChain transactional system.

Yang Liu, Partner and Chief Technologist of New York's Family Office “Spark Digital Capital”, believes that two forces are acting on the developers. So not only the developers are looking for better possibilities. Investors are also trying to lure talents away from the big technology giants. According to Liu, the big names give credibility to startups.

In a similar situation, there are also many old-established financial institutions that are losing talent to the blockchain. I had already reported in the blog. Overall, the influx of highly talented, young forces in the blockchain industry can only come in handy and at the same time show where the future lies.

Developers are increasingly leaving Silicon Valley and switching to blockchain startups

Source: Forbes, Pixabay

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