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Digital authentication “IAMPASS” relies on IOTA

Digital authentication "IAMPASS" relies on IOTA

In their blog, the IOTA Foundation has now published another success story. So the Tangle technology of the project is to serve as basis for the biometric authentication system “IAMPASS”. This new system uses hand vein recognition as a means of identification. This writes the IOTA Foundation's newly hired communications chief, Cara Harbor, to Medium.

“IAMPASS” is a start-up based in Singapore. The system uses the different venous patterns of the hand as a biometric identifying feature in every human being. This makes the system ideal for corporate and security use, such as airports, data centers, and government offices. The system scans the vein structure of the user's hand and creates a unique identity card. It will be linked to a profile that sets the user accounts and allowed features.

Identity management issues are becoming increasingly important today. All humanity is moving towards a connected world connected via the Internet. The protection and management of digital identities play a key role here. It can be assumed that the digital identity of every human being in a few years' time will be just as important as their real identity. However, the supply of trustless verification systems is still very manageable. Systems based on distributed ledger technology could remedy this situation. You can offer potentially reliable, secure and cost-effective consumer-level identity management solutions.

Co-founder of the IOTA Foundation, Dominik Schiener, said on the new project:

“With the rollout of identity solutions like this, the IOTA ecosystem will be an important piece of technology for adopting distributed ledger technology.”

“IAMPASS” still faces many challenges. In order to create a technically applicable identity solution, the system must be able to perform millions of authentications per day. One should not restrict security in favor of scalability.

Protecting personal information is a must, for individuals as well as for businesses and governments. One single fatal error could call into question the usability of the whole blockchain technology in the real world.

The “IAMPASS” application is only one part of the future “Smart Cities”, as planned by the IOTA Foundation. For example, IOTA is currently working on several related projects. With these one wants to create a decentralized administration and futuristic products, which are based on trustless mechanisms. These include smart car charging stations and the interaction of devices connected through the Internet of Things. Most of the experiments will take place in Berlin, where the IOTA Foundation was registered in 2016.

Digital authentication "IAMPASS" relies on IOTA

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