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Download of the cryptocurrency XRP (ripple) money application “XRP Tip Bot” started

The tweet of the developer knew that the cryptocurrency XRP (ripple) game application “XRP Tip Bot” was approved on the App Store and Google Play and download started, on 25th.

And it’s LIVE! ? The @ xrptipbot App. Now available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store ? Up to 20 XRP per tip ? Tell your favorite restaurant, bar, pub, store, friends, family, …. Https: // t .co / TXNZF2Nwvw ?

– Wietse Wind (@WietseWind) 25th October 2018

The XRP Tip Bot is capable of throwing up to 20XRP (about 1000 yen at the time of writing) up to once, and it is said that it can be used in various situations such as restaurants, bars, pubs, shops, family members and friends I will.

It is said that you can easily carry out chips and discounts by linking with Twitter, Discord, etc. by a mechanism that you can easily make XRP payment and remittance simply by entering the amount and scanning the QR code .

In addition, it is said that XRP Tip Bot is integrated with micropayment platform for the creator of WEB site called Coil (Coil) to raise money through tax money and can also remit from a small amount of 0.000001 XRP ( 0.0002 yen at the time of writing) It is announced that it is a mechanism.

From the ripple community, it is easier than ever to make money remittance and remittance from XRP, so expectations of voices are received.

Article Source: Exclusive: XRP Tip Bot app approved by Google and Apple stores to carry the crypto-torch forward

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