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Drug king Pablo Escobar's brother issues a cryptocurrency for impeachment of the trum

TNW reported that Roberto Escobar, the older brother of drug-king Pablo Escobar, who built the world’s largest drug cartel, plans to issue cryptocurrency as a way to raise President Trump’s impeachment .

The token is supposed to be an ERC 20 based doll bugs table coin named ESCOBAR .

It is described on escobartrump.org which is said to be the official site of the token as follows.

“The token was born as a means to raise funds for impeachment of trump, the donation at GoFundMe has been censored and closed, but there is no censoring boundary if it is a cryptocurrency.”

Currently the project is in the pre-sale stage of ICO and plans to sell 200 million tokens on May 10. In addition, we aim to sell 1 billion ESCOBARS in total. According to the website it is explained that the token will be redeemable through the Belize company by June of this year.

The project initially raised funds on the GoFundMe platform and achieved $ 10 million in procurement in the first 10 hours. However, the project was closed shortly afterwards.

Olof Gustafsson, CEO of Escobar Inc, explains, “The original goal was to raise $ 50 million using the GoFundMe platform alone.”

Daniel Reitberg, who is COO of the company, revealed that they plan to launch ESCOBAR in a manner that opposes the USD Tether .

“We do not trust the USDT and people should use our coins.We are more familiar with the business than many other companies and Roberto Escobar also earn a lot of money through his own career I am. “

Escobar Inc, alleges that the company is different, while other stable coins are issued by unknown companies.

Article Source: TNW


It looks like I was trying to make a Bitcoin fork coin in front of this company, and the name is known only by Pablo himself, is not it too messy? It seems not to know knowledge about cryptocurrency …

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