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Easy 3 minutes! Explain how to register BITPoint (bit point) · account opening method

BITPoint 登録

As an exchange that can use MT 4, BITPoint which is particularly popular from investors who have experience with FX / stocks in particular.

It is also known for being a subsidiary of the Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd remix point.

On this page, we summarize how to register such BITPoint · account .

By reading this you can check the procedure from new registration to BITPoint until you start trading.

Easy 3 STEP! Registering BITPoint (bit point) · Illustrates how to open an account!

I will explain how to register BITPoint with illustrations.

Let’s start the procedure of register (account opening) by opening the BITPoint site.

Confirm the contract and apply for account opening (account creation)

BITPoint registration method

Since a screen like an image is displayed, proceed to “Account opening”.

BITPoint Japanese nationality

I think that most people will create a personal account with Japanese nationality, so here we choose the leftmost.

BITPoint Identification document

Then, as you are urged to prepare documents for identity verification, let’s prepare some of those listed.

Identifiable identity confirmation documents
  • passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Operation history certificate
  • Basic Resident Register Card

Only the top four can submit one submission.

If you want to submit insurance cards with no face picture, you will need to submit a copy of the resident card and proof of the address such as the receipt of utility fee.

If you can confirm the identity confirmation document, proceed to “Account opening application”.

BITPoint Terms

Agreement screen on terms of use.

You can not proceed to the next four items unless you check “Yes” for all the above four items and “Accept” or “Confirm” all the four items below.

Enter personal information such as name and date of birth / address

Create BITPoint account

We will enter personal information such as name, date of birth, address and so on.

There is no problem if you enter along the guide.

About address
You need to enter the same address as the one stated on the identity confirmation document for the address.

BITPoint account opening

It is unlikely that the main purpose of concluding a transaction contract will be rejected by choosing which one to choose and there is no problem in terms of use so do not worry too much and choose the nearest one.

When you have entered all, click “To confirm”.

How to register BITPoint registration

Confirm whether the input information is correct and proceed to “Identity Confirmation Documents”.

Upload personal identification documents (driver’s license etc)

BITPoint license

Detailed notes are stated once again about the method of upholding the identity confirmation document.

In summary, it says that you should take a picture so as not to blur on both the front and back sides.

BITPoint passport

Since it is a format to upload files, it is necessary to capture photos taken with smartphones etc. on a PC.

Upload the file to the arrowed part and click “Upload” to complete the registration application.

BITPoint mail

If registration application is completed successfully, you will receive an email like image. After completing so far, let’s wait for the registration to be approved from BITPoint.

Depending on the congestion situation, it seems that there are many cases that it arrives in roughly two weeks or so.

It takes a lot of time unexpectedly, so let’s do it early before applying for postcards.

It will be sent with simple registered mail without transfer. Those who are reporting the transfer should be careful.

[After receiving postcard] First time login and complete various settings

bitpoint postcard

A postcard like image will be delivered from BITPoint after applying for registration for a while.

bitpoint authentication

The customer code, login ID (mail address at the time of registration), initial login password are stated in the postcard.

Login for the first time according to postcard

BITPoint initial login

We will open the BITPoint site and proceed with the first login. Since there is a login button at the upper right of the screen, click here.

BITPoint initial login password

Please enter the login ID (mail address) and initial login password stated in the postcard and click the login button.

BITPoint password setting

Follow the instructions to set the initial login password, the password you want to set (up to 16 characters), and the 4 digit PIN number.

It is recommended to use the password generation site for the password.

What is a 4 digit PIN
A four-digit PIN is a very important number in security measures, which is necessary for ordering and dispensing. Let’s set a different number from your birthday.

Enter financial assets and investment experience etc.

BITPoint bank account

It is a screen for entering occupation, financial asset amount, and destination bank information.

Bit point questionnaire

Investment experience, you will be asked about the application process.

After checking and selecting all, proceed to “Application details check”.

Bit point registration

Confirm whether there is any incompleteness in the contents entered so far, and click “confirm” button if there is no problem.

bitpoint registration complete

Switch to such a screen, registration is all done. From this point onwards, you can start depositing / withdrawing and trading.

Let’s set a minimum security “two step verification”!

BITPoint security

Various security settings of BITPoint can be done from “User setting” button in the upper right.

BITPoint 2-Step Authentication

Basically, if you check all of the top items “login” remittance (send), “withdraw”, “change transaction code number”, “Smart API notification”, you will have no problem.

If this is done, as long as the original mail address is not compromised, the possibility of fraudulent withdrawal or illegal login will be low.

Sometimes the exchange’s password is changed by taking over the registered mail address. Let’s keep the security measures of the mail address proper.

What is BITPoint? Recheck the characteristics of the exchange · reputation!

Features of BITPoint Summary
  • In-kind transaction fee is free
  • Leverage transaction can be done
  • Can use MT4

The actual transaction fee is free and glad

Bitcoin transaction is using BitPoint (managed by Remix).

· Building ball management fee is slightly lower than others. There are no other fees.
· Unlike the fryer, both houses are possible.

I like it.
The difficulty is that the spread is too wide as there are few players – the futures are thinner the board.
So increase the number of people ~

– Tolerie · Livermore (@ Terasy Livermore) August 4, 2018

The actual transaction fee is free for BITPoint.

bitFlyer Commission fee will be charged normally, and bitbank is in a situation you do not know when to end the commission free campaign at what timing.

Ultimately, the actual transaction fee may be one of the few free exchanges.

Leverage transaction can be done

cryptocurrency exchanges Bit points are not noticeable, but are it easy to use after the bit bank? Impression that. Transaction fee is free, and we do not do for the time being, but we can also do leverage transactions. It seems there has never been a job improvement life.

– KOSUKE (@ kosuke_crypto) June 13, 2018

With BITPoint you can make margin transactions at up to 25 times magnification . (2 · 5 · 10 · 25 times)

Since bitFlyer is set up to 15 times, bitbank trade up to 20 times, Coinchack is set to 5 times uniformly, you can see that it is set at a very high magnification in the domestic exchange.

When the margin maintenance rate drops below 100%, it becomes a loss cut. Let’s pay attention to leverage and fund management.

Convenient to use MT4

Bit point Keisuke Honda becomes image character! I will try to register on the exchanges where people are not paying attention yet. I dare dare to touch the lower curtain cryptocurrency. I’m daring to try the MT4 trading at a bit point.

Dare to dare and. You are pretty, are not you? This expansion.

– Coin Hacks – cryptocurrency Blog (@ coin_hack 2) August 19, 2018

MT 4 may be used as a feature not found in other Bit points’ domestic exchanges.

MT4 can not be used on exchanges that have a cryptocurrency FX in yen denominations such as Lightning and bitbank trade of bitFlyer.

But if you are a bit point, those who touched FX (exchange) before you start trading cryptocurrency can trade in a familiar environment.

Basic information on BITPoint

Company site https://bitcoinbank.co.jp/
Operating company BitPoint Japan Co., Ltd. / BITPoint Japan Co., Ltd.
Street address Sumitomo Real Estate Roppongi Grand Tower 36th floor 3-2-1 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6236
representative Oda Genki
Capital 4,430 million yen (including capital reserve)
Establishment 3rd March 2016
Registration Kanto Finance Bureau Director (cryptocurrency Exchange Agent) Registration Number No. 00009
Moneylender registration number Tokyo Governor (1) No. 31660
Membership of professional institutions Japan cryptocurrency Exchange Industry Association
Japan cryptocurrency Business Association
Japan Money Association Association

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