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Easy 3 steps! Explanation on registering / account opening of bitbank (bit bank)

bitbank 登録

bitbank (Bit Bank) is a top-class popular cryptocurrency exchange in Japan.

Among various domestic exchanges, it is popular due to its ease of use, low commission and high stability.

Of course, registration of the Financial Services Agency’s cryptocurrency exchange trader has also been completed.

This page summarizes how to newly register in bitbank and how to set minimum security settings .

As you check this page in order, the procedure of registration will be completed in about 3 minutes, so if you are not registered yet, please register on this occasion!

Easy 3 STEP! Register / account opening method of bitbank (bit bank)

I’ll explain how to register it in bitbank with illustrations.

Let’s start the procedure of register (account opening) by opening the site of bitbank.

Enter an email address to apply for account creation

Register bitbank (bit bank)

Let’s start by entering a mail address and applying for opening a new account.

Establishment of bitbank (bit bank) account

When you enter your e-mail address, it will switch to a screen like an image.

bitbank (bit bank) mail address

From the mail address [email protected] you should have received an email with the title “【bitbank.cc】 Thank you for applying for opening a new account”.

Click the link in the email to continue the registration process.

Register for bitbank (bit bank) account

Clicking the link of the email will change the screen to set the password.

After entering check items for password setting, agreement check on contracts, risk understanding and pressing “Register” button, password setting is completed.

About the strength of the password
In order to prevent the password from being decrypted, it is recommended to use the one created at the password generation site. Do not use the same thing as other sites and services even if you make a mistake.

Enter personal information such as name and address

bitbank (bit bank) personal information

Let’s enter personal information etc.

Let’s enter what you enter here is the same information as described on the identity confirmation document to be submitted (uploaded).

bitbank (bit bank) registration method

Next, I select the purpose and occupation of the transaction. You also need to check that you are not a person in a foreign official position.

Direct upload of identity confirmation documents

bitbank (bit bank) Identity verification

Once you have entered your personal information, please upload your identity confirmation documents at the end and the basic registration procedure is complete.

Select the type of document you want to upload and click on the picture to upload the photo.

About uploading photos
People registering from a PC, let’s take in photos in advance. Shooting with smartphones is fine as long as the letters and pictures described in the document are clear.

After completing so far, we will wait for postcards to be sent from bitbank.

Once you receive the postcard and enter the authorization number you will be able to trade.

Do not forget the basic security settings!

When you complete the registration procedure, let’s also set basic security settings.

If you do not do this, it can be said that the asset has disappeared without knowing it.

Setting 2-Step Authentication (2FA)

bitbank (bit bank) 2-step authentication

Two-step verification is completed if you read the QR code with a special application and enter the authentication number.

When the application disappears due to the model change, such as erasing the application by mistake, all the data in the application will be deleted.

Be sure to keep screenshots of QR code etc as a backup so that it will not be locked out at such time.

How to use 2 step verification application Summary

Configuring SMS authentication

bitbank (bit bank) SMS authentication

You can also set SMS authentication in bitbank.

Enter the phone number and enter the number that arrived at SMS, you are done.

How to enter phone number
If it is a number 080 – 1234 – 1234, it will be + 81 – 80 – 1234 – 1234.

What is bitbank (bit bank)? Recheck the characteristics of the exchange · reputation!

bitbank bit bank

Summary of bitbank features
  • Transaction fee is completely free
  • Large transaction volume
  • Security is perfect

Transaction fee is free! You can also trade for rivals and rivals with no fee

I am with you ? BitBanK
XRP with JPY without fee
You can buy a whole lot
So it is quite profitable, is not it? ??

– Kao-chan (@ kaorikunn) July 17, 2018

Transaction fee is free for bitbank.

Although it is a nominal term limited time campaign, transaction fees are free for the whole time since the service started in March 2017.

It is one of the few domestic exchanges where Alto Coins such as Ethicalam and Ripple can trade for fee free .

Domestic exchange with large transaction volume

BitBank takes the XRP transactions in the world many times and it is really wonderful that the fee is free.

– Mumi (@ Siemupi) June 9, 2018

bitbank is an exchanges with top trading volume (volume) at domestic exchanges.

The transaction volume of the world’s cryptocurrency exchange can be confirmed with Coinmarketcap.

In particular, it is characterized by large transaction volume of XRP / JPY and BTC / JPY .

It means that as much money (cryptocurrency) is moving, it makes it easier for orders to make more promise.

Security measures are thorough

The security measures of exchanges entrusting important funds are the most important items.

Anti-phishing measures Maximum
【EV certification】 acquired exchanges, currently the following four patterns.
· Bitbank
· GMO coins

* EV authentication: SSL server certificate strictly authenticating the company’s existence. Because of strict audit verification, high authentication and high reliability realization.

– spookies_spookies (@ lunch_anddinner) May 15, 2018

After the case where NEM equivalent of 50 billion yen or more leaked by Coincheck, importance is attached to whether the security measures of exchanges are sufficient.

In bitbank, we are focusing on security considerably, such as cold wallet management of customer assets, introduction of multi-sig , collaboration with security company (BitGO) .

Many countermeasures that users can take, such as 2-step verification and SMS authentication, have been introduced, so you can use with confidence.

Basic information on bitbank

Company site https://bitcoinbank.co.jp/
Operating company Bit Bank Corporation
Street address KDX Nishi Gotanda Building 7F 20 – 9 Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
representative Noriyuki Hirotsue
Capital 1,131 million yen (including capital reserve)
Establishment May 2014
Registration Kanto Finance Bureau Director (cryptocurrency Exchange Agent) Registration Number No. 00004
Membership of professional institutions Japan cryptocurrency Exchange Association
Japan cryptocurrency Business Operators Association
Block chain promotion association

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