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Easy transaction with smartphone! How to use and set up the bit flyer application Summary

bitFlyer アプリ

The national cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer (bit flyer) has an official smartphone application corresponding to iOS, Android.

If you install the application, you can easily trade with one smartphone without having to open the computer each time.

This page summarizes the basic usage of the bitFlyer application (bitFlyer wallet) .

By reading this you will be able to use bitFlyer easily from smartphone.

bitFlyer (bit flyer) Let’s check the features and points to be noted of the application!

Before downloading the bitFlyer application and starting to use it, let’s first review the basic features and notes of the bit flyer application.

It is important to understand the characteristics of the application and to use it.

There are many reputations that applications are heavy behavior …

It’s tougher … Bitflyer’s app is too heavy than Bitcoin dropped so it’s not easy for taps not to react! Since the number of positions has increased, it seems that damage spreads if it can not be ordered due to the application. The worst price may be dropped, but now it is time to quit and devote only to deploy … … # bffx

– SQ (@ SQz000) June 28, 2018

It is still more overwhelming than the quoin’s easy to use bibla! I understand that it is popular! # bit Flyer

– Mai 🧜 ♀ ️🧜 ️ ️ cryptocurrency (@ maiohana _ 0) July 4, 2018

In the reputation of twitter, the application seems to be heavy in many cases, so it seems that there are times when it is difficult to place an order.

It is careful as there is a possibility of causing unexpected loss if you do not enter your intended order.

P & L graph is reputable as easy to see

A bit flyer’s daily profit and loss graph.
I would like to open it once the account opening resumes

– chemi (@ chemi_agri) September 12, 2018

Bit flies are profit and loss graphs so you can easily analyze yourself.

– Gyuniku (@ushinotubuyaki) March 13, 2018

As a big advantage of using a bit flyer graphs are displayed that are easy to understand profit and loss.

You can grasp the transition of assets at a glance by displaying a graph!

Let’s take care of fakes / fake apps

There is a report that googleplay sometimes has a fake app.

Be sure to download from the official website, as it can also cause you to lose important funds!

This is not limited to bitFlyer, so be sure to check it when downloading and installing cryptocurrency related apps.

bitFlyer (bit flyer) Let’s download and install the application and start it up

I have checked the features and notes of the bitFlyer application.

Let’s actually download and install it.

The bitFlyer official application can be downloaded from Appstore · GooglePlay

People using iOS devices can download AppStore , and those using Android devices can download from Google Plain .

In order to prevent the downloading of the fake application, let’s install it from the following link.

After installing the application, login to strengthen security settings

bitFlyer Application Security

When opening the application for the first time, a screen like a picture is displayed. Tap Login to proceed.

bitFlyer application initial setting

When you open the application, the page of the image on the left is displayed, so log in in order of number.

Easy transaction with smartphone! How to use and set up the bit flyer application Summary

From the home screen at the top left, touch the account.

bitFlyer application settings

This will display My Account so tap Settings.

bitFlyer application two-step authentication

Tap two-step authentication from the setting and complete the setting and it is done.

Then let’s set up 2-step authentication in the above way for security!

Illustrate basic usage of bitFlyer (bit flyer) application!

After installing the bitFlyer application and completing the basic security settings, let’s check on how to actually use it!

If you remember how to deposit / withdraw from the application, how to use the sales office / exchange, how to display Lightning, you can use it with almost no problem.

Explain how to deposit / withdraw from the application to bitFlyer!

bitFlyer application deposit and withdrawal

Tap deposit / withdrawal from home.

BitFlyer Application Deposit

Then the screen to select the currency is displayed, so select the currency you’d like to deposit or withdraw.

Bit Flyer Application Deposit

When depositing money select payment.

bitFlyer application transfer

Please enter the address displayed under the QR code with the remittance source service, or if you read the QR code, the deposit work is complete.

Please follow the procedure below to deposit money with the application.

Payment procedure summary
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Select the currency you’d like to deposit
  • payment
  • Copy address or QR read

With this procedure you can display the QR code and deposit address.

As money will be lost if you mistake the address, let’s read by QR code as much as possible and send money!

bitFlyer application withdrawal

If you want to withdraw money, tap “withdraw”.

Baht flier application dispensing

Since the screen to add the Bitcoin address is displayed, tap Add External Bitcoin Address.

BitFlyer application dispensing method

Since the screen to add the Bitcoin address is displayed, enter the name in the label and enter the address in the Bitcoin address.

What is a label?
It’s okay to name yourself so you can name it any way you like. Let’s set labels so that you can tell which address the address is.

bitFlyer Application Priority

Finally it is completed by inputting withdrawal quantity and priority.

What is priority?
You can decide the priority of withdrawal. You can withdraw money as soon as possible but you will be charged a lot of fees, so basically if you choose normal, there is no problem. If you want to dispose in a hurry, remittance will be faster if you set it higher.
Disbursement Procedure Summary
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Select the currency you want to withdraw
  • Withdrawal
  • Add external Bitcoin address
  • Destination address input
  • Enter dispensed quantity

How to use the sales office of the bitFlyer application! You can easily buy and buy cryptocurrency

bitFlyer App Store

On this screen, select the currency you want to buy and sell.

bitFlyer App Store

Enter the amount of currency you want to purchase and tap Buy to complete purchase.

Bitflyer has a function as a sales office, you can purchase currency by selecting the currency you want to purchase, entering the quantity and pressing the buy button.

If you want to sell the same way you can operate without problems.

How to use a bitFlyer application exchanges! Describe how to buy and sell Bitcoins!

bitFlyer application bit coin how to buy

Press the Exchange button on the right of the sales office.

bitFlyer application transaction

You can buy and sell with buttons to enter quantities and to buy or sell.

You can also use the exchange on bitflyer!

On the exchanges you can freely decide what you want to buy and what you want to sell.

The blue letter indicates the price and quantity of the person you want to sell, the red letter indicates the price and quantity of the person you want to buy.

If you want to buy Transactions are instantly established by entering the price and quantity displayed in blue letters!

Bitcoin FX is possible by displaying bitFlyer Lightning

bitFlyer application bit coin FX

In the bitFlyer application, you can also do FX transaction called bitFlyer Lightning.

By choosing the bottom Lightning Web from the menu you can move to the FX trading screen!

bitFlyer application Lightning

Here is the FX transaction screen named bitFlyer Lightning.

With FX trading, it is possible to make transactions beyond your own assets called leverage.

However, since risk is inherent, please understand firmly and trade with surplus funds!

Conclusion – Install bit flyer application and make it easy to use from smartphones

Bit Flyer Wallet

bitFlyer application summary
  • It is possible to trade at a sales office or an exchange as well as depositing / withdrawing from a smartphone
  • Implement a profit-and-loss graph with easy to understand daily and monthly profit and loss
  • Expecting improvement in the future heavy behavior

bitFlyer (bit flyer) I’ve discussed how to install and initialize the application and how to use the basic.

By downloading the application, you can use bit flyer from smartphone.

Since you will be able to confirm the price at the destination or you can trade instantly, there is no hand not installed!

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