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Entire net security company E · Guardian launches cryptocurrency exchange business registration consulting servic

E-Guardian Co., Ltd. launched a new service called ” cryptocurrency exchange business registration consulting service ” on January 8 (Tue) to support the review of the cryptocurrency exchange trader registration to the Financial Services Agency.

With e-Guardian, it is ” Integrated net security company ” that carries out posting monitoring, customer support, debugging, cyber security and other tasks at once.

In response to issues related to cryptocurrency such as unfair spill incidents occurred in 2018, the FSA has been strengthening regulations and other measures. As a result, the cryptocurrency exchange business operator has to arrange a huge amount of materials for registration review, which plagues business operators.

E Guardian offers “cryptocurrency exchange business registration consulting service” which comprehensively supports “business planning of the cryptocurrency exchange industry at the start-up stage and the operation after service release” for these business operators To do.

Specifically, it provides systems such as KYC operations, call center operations (telephone, e-mail, chat), detection of suspicious transactions, detection of improper transactions, dispatch and withdrawal processing work, security contracts, vulnerability diagnosis, debugging We will consult the necessary work for registration review to the Financial Services Agency.

We also aim to contribute to improving the soundness and reliability of the cryptocurrency market by providing this service.

Consulting services to respond to today’s rapid cryptocurrency industry movements, such as announcing that the FSA will consider revising the proposed regulation, will be a great help for future businesses.

Article reference: PRTimes

FSA Announces Proposed Regulation for cryptocurrency Service Provider

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