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EOS prognosis and analysis

EOS prognosis and analysis

This article is part of our series “Why EOS, Stellar, IOTA, Waltonchain, Binance, Litecoin, NEO & Monero will survive the Altcoin Apocalypse”. Every day at this point a new analysis to one of the o.g. Cryptocurrencies published.

EOS is a blockchain with general purpose character and smart contract capabilities. Dan Larimer and Block.one have created EOS. EOS focuses on speed, scalability, and usability (such as optional transaction fees and the ability to recover accounts).

As a consensus mechanism, EOS uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol that provides high throughput without transaction fees. The EOS token is needed to access shared network resources, such as bandwidth, storage, and so on.

EOS will outlive the bear market because it focuses on scalability in a time of desperation. Also, Dan Larimer has a track record of launching Blockchain projects. So he has already led BitShares and Steem to success, which also gives hope for the prospects of EOS.

Although EOS had a rather bumpy start, there are many positives to report. So we are currently in a “major scaling debate”. From the perspective of dApp platforms, all eyes are on Ethereum. Ethereum wants to switch from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake. At the same time, you would like to introduce sharding there to increase the throughput of the blockchain.

We believe the EOS Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) is a truly important experiment in scaling decentralized app platforms. Several questions are important, such as whether the governance model will prove itself over time. In the case of EOS, 21 block producers are the “delegation” that makes decisions and enforces rules throughout the EOS environment. Therefore one asks oneself: Does it come to the formation of an oligarchy? How corruptible are publicly known block producers?

Since the start of its mainnet, EOS has quickly become the blockchain with the most transactions (more than 5 million per day). Of course, that's not perfect statistics, but it's a positive sign.

In its years-long initial coin offering, EOS has raised over $ 2 billion. Many observers have (understandably) expressed concerns. In any case, it is clear that EOS is well capitalized. EOS has also committed to invest over $ 1 billion in infrastructure development. So EOS should have enough capital to outlast the current bear market.

EOS prognosis and analysis

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