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Estonia establishes repository to publish digital national solution source cod

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Estonia has established a digital national code repository that makes the source code of “digital national solutions” such as government software publicly available .

It is said that in the future, all source code of Estonia’s digital national solution will be released to the public in this repository, except for those with problems in terms of security etc.

This repository is the first step in realizing ” Government as a Service “, which promotes the system development efficiency of private enterprises and the construction of new products by enabling “reuse of code”.

The Japan-Estonia / EU Digital Society Promotion Council (JEEADIS) states that the Estonian initiative will help the government to find a balance between private companies with huge personal information like GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) Says.

The Estonian government aims to use this digital national repository to build community-based digital national solutions in the long run.

Article Source: e-estonia

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