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Expert advises: Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash repel, invest only in Ripple XRP


Ran Neu-Ner is the host of CNBC Africa's Crypto Trader program and founder of Onchain Capital. Now, Neu-Ner has commented on Twitter about the ongoing “Bitcoin Cash Civil War” with a startling remark. So he tweeted:

“This hash war proves that every Bitcoin and Bitcoin should repel cash and just invest all their money in [Ripple] XRP!”

In any case, note that Neu-Ner made this statement on his private Twitter account and not during a CNBC broadcast.

Crypto friend Bruce Stewart commented, presumably in fun, that he [New-Ner] is giving out financial advice without a license. Neu-Ner countered as simple as effective with the words:

“I have a license”.

Some followers of New Ners took the remark to sell as a joke, but others were uncertain about how to understand it. Others were sure it was not fun.

So wrote “TzScan1”:

“NO JOKE! If [ripple] XRP were the leading cryptoasset, the market would be taken much more seriously now than the media only measure it at Bitcoin. [Ripple] XRP is all that Bitcoin is not. “

The user “Ulf FatMan Josefsson” joined and added:

“Remember, even Satoshi wrote that [ripple] XRP is the only interesting project besides Bitcoin … so I guess they're doing something right …”

Neu-Ner interviews his followers

Later, Neu-Ner announced the results of a Twitter survey he initiated. He had asked:

“A rich person gives you $ 10,000. You can choose the form in which you would like the gift. The only condition is that you must keep the gift in the chosen form for 10 years without touching it. In what form would you want the gift? “

New Ner has four options to choose from: Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BCH SV) and American Airlines Miles.

New Ner followers are 52 percent willing to accept the gift in Ripple XRP. This was 13 percent more than for Bitcoin (39 percent). At 2 percent, Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision lagged behind, easily topping flight miles (7 percent).

Ripple XRP and the crypto market

Overall, the week was less positive for many cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, Ripple XRP managed once again to displace Ethereum from second place in the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. At the time of writing, Ripple XRP had a market capitalization of $ 19.2 billion, while Ethereum only capitalized $ 16.8 billion. The price of Ripple XRP was $ 0.48 at the time of writing.

Source: Twitter, Pixabay

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