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Explain how to use and view the bitbank application! Let's deal from iPhone / Android

bitbank アプリ  - bitbank app ec

Bitbank (bit bank) , a popular cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, has released a dedicated smartphone application .

You can purchase cryptocurrency from the smartphone anytime 24 hours a day, so when you can not get enough time at work you can trade with free time.

This page summarizes the basic usage of the bitbank application and how to view the application screen .

If you read this, you can log in to bitbank on the iPhone, Android’s smartphone or tablet, and you will be able to trade freely.

bitbank (Bit Bank) Let’s check the features and caveats of the application!

Before checking how to use the bitbank application, let’s first check the features and notes of the application first.

If you know the characteristics of the application, you can use it more comfortably and safely.

Features of the bitbank application · Points to remember Conclusion
  • The design is sophisticated, the price movements are easy to see
  • Easy to understand payment and buying and selling operations
  • Note that there is a fake application similar to the bitbank application

The long-awaited smartphone mobile application has a good reputation

bitbank is a great app
zaif is something odd but trading chat is interesting pic.twitter.com/vhCsylJulM

– umumemen ☆ I started to like clothes (@ xMMVIPx) September 7, 2018

Oh, bitbank easy to use

– ∵ @ Coin check (@ btc_dakara) August 7, 2018

The main feature of the bitbank application is that the chart is easy to see.

You can check the chart of each cryptocurrency by simply scrolling one screen up and down.

It’s smooth, it’s heavy and it will not move.

Moreover, when depositing or trading, there is no troublesome operation, entering the amount and tapping the button will end the transaction.

You can proceed quickly and quickly than clicking the mouse on your computer.

Always easy to use, has been improved / updated

We released a widget function of the iPhone application which received many requests since the release.
You can watch the price of the cryptocurrency at any time from the widget column. https://t.co/TUOpzc1YA4
* Please refer here for the setting method of the widget https://t.co/oLIKZtOe4f pic.twitter.com/FQeXE7NjgP

– Bit bank bitbank, Inc. (@ bitbank_inc) May 9, 2018

Application of bitbank became easier to see (`· ∀ · ‘)

– Yamada Dokuyo Challenge to 10,000 subscribers (@ yamada_hi 2525) September 4, 2018

Bitbank’s smartphone application is easy to use. I can do the same thing with a personal computer. There is no application for zaif. Bitpoint has an application but a simplified version. Nature, bitbank is increasing!

– baggio (@ baggio 91531135) August 5, 2018

The reason why the bitbank application is being evaluated is that the application has been improved all the time and it is easy to use.

Other cryptocurrency exchanges also make dedicated applications, but there are many opinions that there are inadequacies in operation, eventually trading in the browser is quicker.

On the other hand, in the case of the bitbank application, there is an opinion that the application is easier to use than the browser.

You can see the attitude of bitbank standing on the user’s point of view.

Let’s take care of fakes / fake apps

Let’s remember that there are unscrupulous agents that have downloaded counterfeit apps to users, reversing the reputation of the bitbank application.

I will urge the download with skillful words like “I am a new application created by receiving a development request from bitbank”.

Since it is impossible for bitbank to release other applications by asking other vendors, we must take care not to download the fake application.

Since “bitbank, Inc” is the official application of bitbank, let’s always check this.

Let’s download / install bitbank (bit bank) application and start it

Both the Android and iPhone can download the bitbank application.

Downloading and installing is, of course, free.

Let’s actually download and install the bitbank application.

Download of the bitbank official application can be done from Appstore · GooglePlay

You can download official app for bitbank from GooglePlay if your smartphone is Android and Appstore for iPhone.

If you download the usual application, there is no problem.

Let’s make sure that the developer is “bitbank, Inc”.

Log in after installing the application

After successfully downloading and installing, let’s log in actually.

bitbank application install  - bitbank app1

The login button is at the bottom of the app.

bitbank app login  - bitbank app2

Press the login button to switch to the page where you enter your email address and password.

Let’s enter the address and password you set when registering.

Illustrate the basic usage of bitbank (bitbank) applications!

Next, I will explain how to use the bitbank application with diagrams.

If you remember even this you can comfortably master!

Explain how to make money to bitbank with the application!

Deposit the bitbank application  - bitbank app3

When depositing, first tap the triple line mark (hamburger menu) in the upper right.

How to deposit the bitbank application  - bitbank app4

As the list of items is expanded and displayed, tap “deposit”.

bitbank application address  - bitbank app5

Select the currency you want to deposit.

If you transfer money to an account displayed in Japanese yen, if you transfer money from the outside to the displayed address if it is a cryptocurrency, payment to bitbank is complete.

Explain how to withdraw money from bitbank in the app!

Debit of bitbank application  - bitbank app6

Even when you make a withdrawal, you start with the menu in the upper right, just as you did when you received money.

Select “withdraw” from the item list.

bitbank application dispensing bit coin  - bitbank app18

Select the currency you want to withdraw.

Here, we will proceed with dispatching Bitcoins temporarily.

Even in ripple and etheriam, the way is basically the same.

bitbank withdrawal method  - bitbank app19

Please enter the address of the withdrawal destination and the withdrawal quantity and tap Confirm withdrawal contents.

This completes the withdrawal procedure from bitbank.

Let’s wait for the remittance to be completed on the Bitcoin network.

When trading cryptocurrency in bitbank, you can not proceed with transactions unless you have completed the identity verification procedure. Let’s finish by submitting the identity confirmation document in advance.

Switch display currency · Explain how to view charts!

bitbank application chart  - bitbank app8

As in the image, in the bitbank application, the chart list is on the home screen.

By tapping the chart of each currency, you can check the detailed information of each currency.

Let’s tap the Bitcoin as an example here.

Even here XRP and ETH do not change the way.

Viewing bitbank application chart  - bitbank app9

The screen will change to the price display.

Tap “Chart” to switch to the following screen.

bitbank application chart display  - bitbank app10

Price movements are displayed in real time, charts are easy to see.

You can check the flow of price movements without missing it.

How to buy and sell cryptocurrency with bitbank application is very easy

How to buy bitbank app  - bitbank app8

To buy or sell a cryptocurrency, first tap the cryptocurrency displayed on the home screen.

I will recommend a Bitcoin as an example.

bitbank application transaction  - bitbank app11

When the screen changes, tap “Order” button.

bitbank application order  - bitbank app12

There are items “limit” and “success”.

The limit, in order how to specify the purchase and sale price, Shigeyuki is the order way to do early trade at the current market price.

It is necessary to use properly according to the purpose, but limit order is recommended if you surely profit.

We will proceed with an example of a limit order.

bitbank application limit  - bitbank app13

Select “Buy” order or “Sell” order.

bitbank app trading  - bitbank app14

Enter the price you actually designate.

There is no input for the order to be executed because the transaction is contracted on the board currently being displayed.

Buy and buy bitbank apps  - bitbank app15

Enter the quantity to be traded.

bitbank application trading method  - bitbank app16

Then, the transaction amount actually paid or obtained is displayed at the bottom.

bitbank application trade method  - bitbank app17

Finally, the transaction is completed by tapping the “order” button.

Summary – Install bitbit application and make trading from smartphone!

bitbank application  - bitbank app

bitbank application summary
  • Intuitive operation and easy to use
  • The chart is easy to see
  • Updates and improvements are constantly being made

If you install the bitbank application and master how to use it, you no longer need to log in from your computer and trade.

Even at the destination you can easily trade so remember and there is no loss.

Bitbank users who have not yet installed the application should take this opportunity to download and install the application!

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