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Facebook develops its own stable coin

Bloomberg reported that Facebook is developing cryptographic assets for messaging applications, WhatsApp to transfer users between users .

WhatsApp is a messaging application provided by Facebook. It has over 1 billion users worldwide and over 200 million people in India.

What the company is developing is Dolpeg’s stable coin, aiming to spread in India’s remittance market. It seems that it is building a strategy for the custody of the legal currency which is now under development and which supports the value of stable coins.

It has been said that Facebook has long been planning to develop into the financial services market, and in 2014 David Marcus, former top Paypal, greeted the Message Application Division. He also served as a director of Coinbase and currently has about 40 Facebook block chains divisions.

Many projects that failed in the middle of the road, such as Basis, which had attracted attention in the stable coin-related business, was in development in December. US TT issued by Tether which is said to be the most successful has also caused a lot of discussion in the existence of Fiat which supports property.

This time for the first time entry into the major stable coin business, there is a possibility that you can develop stable coins stuck to users if you have users around the world and have always dealt with regulatory issues .

Article Source: Bloomberg

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