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Features of bitbank · Reputation summary! What are the five merit of bit bank?

bitbank 評判

bitbank (Bit Bank) is a popular exchange as one of the major domestic cryptocurrency exchanges.

This page summarizes the features and reputation of such bitbank (bit bank) .

By reading this you can understand the features, merits and demerits of bitbank and check the reputation of users actually using it.

What are the five features / benefits of bitbank (bit bank)?

bitbank Benefits

Let’s check about the merits of bitbank (bit bank)!

Trading volume · Volume is large

Bitbank is an exchanges with domestic transactions that compete with bitFlyer and 1,2 .

It is about 10th to 20th in the world.

Especially ripple (XRP) records many times of the day of the volume of the volume of the day, so if you buy ripples you are getting an image called bitbank.

It can be traded free of fee (commission free campaign)

Transaction fee for bitbank

Trading pair Commission

As a secret of the popularity of bitbank, the transaction fee is completely free .

It is all free, regardless of limit / offer, order amount, transaction pair.

There are no other exchanges where alto coins such as Ethernet and ripples can trade for fees free, so this merit stands out strikingly.

Security and security are enhanced

bitbank security

The bit bank is also characterized by basic security measures are substantial .

Since the incident of coin checks, the importance of exchanges’ security has become increasingly important in Japan.

We are also working with BitGo, a company specialized in Bitcoin security, including cold wallet · multi-sig, to strengthen security.

Alto coin’s limit trading can be done

In the bit bank, Alto coin’s limit trading is possible.

It can not be done with bitFlyer or Coincheck.

Although there are many places where bid coin’s limit trading can be done, bitbank is a precious domestic exchange that can trade alt coin in exchanges form .

What is limit trade
It is a transaction which decides transaction price and quantity (number of sheets) and performs it. You can make a reservation that you can only trade at a point-of-sale rate in a dealer-style transaction, but you can make a reservation that “When buying a desired price, buy and sell it” in the limit transaction.

We provide “lending service” to lend cryptocurrency to increase

bitbank lending service

In bitbank, we started lending service to lend cryptocurrency from May 25, 2018 and increase it.

For example, if you lend 1 BTC by lending, it will come back to 1.05 BTC one year later.
(* The rate is not this street.)

Application for lending service
Recruitment is held monthly, and start will be announced on the official blog of bitbank. Let’s check the announcement as it will end as soon as the landing amount has been reached.

Let’s confirm the disadvantage of bitbank (bit bank)

If you understand the merits and features, it is also important to check the disadvantage properly.

I can not use a sales office

There is no sales office in the bit bank.

Because it is all in the form of board trading, perfect beginners may find it hard to use.

Also, if you want to move a large amount such as 100 BTC, there will be more troubles if there is no sales office.

Major overseas exchanges such as Binance and OKEx are all board trade. You can expand the range of cryptocurrency investment by mastering the way of board trading in bitbank.

Small number and type of handling currency

Handling currency of major domestic exchange

Exchanges Number of currencies handled
bitbank 6 kinds
bitFlyer 7 types
Zaif 10 types

The handling currency of bitbank is BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, MONA, BCC (BCH) in all six types.

Somewhat, it is less than other domestic exchanges.

Also, it is a feature of exchange type rather than sales place form.

It is not possible to trade in the euaryium in JPY denominated

It is the ETH of the base currency next to BTC, but you can not make direct deals with JPY (Japanese yen) at bitbank (bit bank).

If you want to make an Ethiaryam Japanese yen, it will take time and effort because it must be ETH → BTC → JPY .

Although transaction fees are free, there are many things that you feel inconvenient without a pair of ETH / JPY.

bitbank (Bit Bank) User’s real reputation · Check out the word-of-mouth!

The reputation of customers actually using bitbank · Reviews will also be helpful.

It is pleasant that alto coin such as ripple · etheriam is also free of commission

Bit bank Mr. 0% transaction fee to say the least

– ?? nutrients ?? (@ walkpark 2298) August 12, 2018

The postcard arrives from sbivc and the account opening is completed!
Although I tried a little bit, I think that I will improve a lot from now on, but at the present stage the bit bank is above most items such as ease of use, cheap handling fee!

– Ryo (@ ryo _ mms 0808) July 27, 2018

It is only a bitbank for domestic exchanges where alto coins can trade for fees free.

Even if it says that the commission per time is not so large, it will be a reasonable amount if accumulated.

Especially ripple has become a quite easy to use exchange even if it sees it all over the world because of the high transaction volume.

Customer correspondence · Support is polite and secure

Thank you for contacting me.
Thank you for always informative information.
Once it was released, it can be set by reinstallation.
The person in charge at the call center at Bit Bank very kindly taught me so I bought a new XRP purchase ち

– Kazukun 1473 ? (@ KSlrIdlosI 2 e 1 new) August 28, 2018

It was good
I am also using a bit bank.
Once I had remitted without attaching a destination tag,
It immediately responded.
After all it will be helpful if you can communicate in Japanese ?
It was good that you bought more … ?

– ky (@ ky 81285797) August 28, 2018

The reputation about bitbank is about politeness of support and goodness of customer correspondence .

It is conspicuous that we respond quickly when responding to incorrect remittance and respond to security related questions quickly and politely.

If you know that it will respond quickly when it comes to emergency, you can use it with confidence.

Apps and chart tools are easy to use!

App for coin check
It is wonderful to use.

It is more convenient to be able to specify the quantity with a slider like a bit bank.

– Yagishashi [FX: cryptocurrency] (@ bikurin 59) August 14, 2018

Charts of bitbank, layout has been saved and easy to select, it is considerably easier to use. pic.twitter.com/IqWJTHTVV 3

– Golip (@gori_hitsuji) June 1, 2018

Bit bank applications and chart tools are reputable as they are easy to use .

Although there is no sales office, it is hard to stick to beginners, but since it has a well-established reputation for ease of use, you will be able to use it as soon as you get used to it.

It is nice to be able to easily check and trade the chart with the app even at the destination.

【Domestic exchange with no transaction fee】 Register in bitbank (bit bank)!

bitbank Bit Bank Reputation

bitbank Conclusion
  • Top trading domestic exchange in terms of volume and volume
  • It is possible to trade for Yoramarum ripple without fee
  • Good customer response and support

Because bitbank (bitbank) is security, we are verifying the identity upon registration, so it will take some time before we can actually use from registration application. Let’s register early!

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