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Features / Reputation Introduction of cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi! Let's check the merit / precautions

Huobi 評判

Huobi is also known as the TOP cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

It is an exchange based in Hong Kong, but it is one of the most momentous exchanges that is currently increasing its bases around the world.

This page summarizes the characteristics and reputation of such Huobi .

By reading this you can understand what exchanges Huobi is and why they are popular.

Introducing the seven features of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi!

I will introduce the seven features of Huobi I want to hold down!

cryptocurrency exchange with transaction volume the third largest in the world

Huobi Exchange

Huobi is the third exchanger in the world with cryptocurrency trading volume following Binance, OKEx.

Capture is data as of August 2018, but the latest information can be confirmed from Coinmarketcap data.

If the transaction volume is large
In exchanges with small transaction volumes, orders are hard to declare, and when trading on the line of sale transactions are greatly priced, such things happen. Let’s use an exchange with a large transaction volume (thick board).

Many handling currencies (Alto coin is listed on a large number)

Huobi features a large number of handling currencies (listed currencies).

As of August 2018, there are nearly 80 types of handling currencies , and the number of trading pairs is 275 pairs .

It is no exaggeration to say that if you can use Huobi you can trade most promising alto coins.

Leverage transaction can be done

In Huobi, you can also leverage transactions of BTC as well as alto coin leverage transactions .

It is possible to trade cryptocurrency up to three times the margin.

Margin There are plenty of alto coins that you can trade, so the range of cryptocurrency investment will expand widely.

Transaction fee is uniform 0.2%

VIP fee discount

plan Discount rate
VIP 1 Ten%
VIP 2 20%
VIP 3 30%
VIP 4 40%
VIP 5 50%

Huobi’s transaction fee is set to 0.2% evenly regardless of trading pair.

Either transaction by limit or maturity is 0.2%.

Although there is a discount due to HT (unique token) called VIP, most people will use it as 0.2% because it can not take the original at present.

iOS / Android compatible smartphone application is easy to use

Huobi application

Huobi has iOS, Android’s smartphone application .

Since UI is also easy to understand, it is possible to trade easily and check the chart even on the go.

If you do not access for a while, fingerprint authentication is required when logging in, and security is also fulfilling as regular login is required.

Unique token with high expectation HuobiToken (HT) · HB 10 can trade

Huobi In its own token HuobiToken (HT), you can HB10 trading of cryptocurrency index.

Characteristics of HT
  • You can consume HT and join VIP (fee discount plan)
  • Participate in random and newly listed currency air drop
  • Can participate in the listing of new currency

Binance, OKEx, Huobi and other exclusive tokens of high-level exchanges are extremely noticeable, and the more attention they get, the more attention it gets.

Many people incorporate BNB, OKB, and HT into a relatively robust portfolio, assuming that they can expect as much as possible in their price movements.

Features of HB 10
  • 10 stock index items
  • Value increases as the cryptocurrency market grows
  • Get air drops and dividends on an irregular basis

HB 10 is an index currency consisting of 10 issues (currencies) including BTC, ETH, USDT, HT etc

Because it is an index product, it can not expect a sharp rise, it will be something to buy in anticipation of a gradual increase in value with the excitement of the entire market.

The latest chart and composition currency can be confirmed on the official Huobi site.

You can check the news on Huobi Japan’s Twitter

Huobi Japan has sent news related to cryptocurrency and block chain to Japanese users.

It carefully selects news with high attention / importance and will tell you quickly, so I’d like to check also here.

Review Huobi’s reputation · word of mouth

It is helpful if you check the reputation, word of mouth, etc. of the person actually using Huboi!

The application is easy to use and good!

Huobi’s app easy to use!
I wanted to buy this with $ HT full power (^ o ^)

– Zelda (@ zeldapple) January 21, 2018

Recently Huobi (Faubi) likes it quite well.
The application is also easy to use, there are alto coin levers. pic.twitter.com/bOfkcgn8eX

– DEG (@ DEG_2020) February 12, 2018

Huobi’s iPhone application is also quite easy to use. You can download it firmly from the Apple Store.

Huobi is a valuable place where $ XRP $ XEM can trade on overseas exchanges.

By the way, because $ XEM can not trade with Binance. . .

– NOW (@ jp_now) January 28, 2018

Huobi’s app has a reputation for ease of use.

Update is also done at any time and it is easier and easier to use, so I’d like to install it whenever I open an account.

When Alto Coin plans to list on Huobi …

HIT was listed on Huobi yesterday
Twice as much even if you buy it at night w

But depending on the issue, there is still a listing up
Envy gorge w # IXT Do you hear it? pic.twitter.com/YtJsLhnmRC

– Cobigora (@ chibigoli) August 4, 2018

$ EGCC huobi Listing
Finally! I bought back.

– Kumago @ SEELE & EGCC push ? (@ w04 zctdA 9 e Htiti) August 5, 2018

$ WAN Huobi listed! !

– Shizuku ✲ cryptocurrency blog (@sizuku_bitcoin) May 3, 2018

Listing on Huobi will increase the attention of Alto Coin and it will be traded to more people.

As a result, listing on Huobi is one of the fundamentals and often creates price movements in alto coins.

The same thing can be said even with Huobi listed on the TOP exchange such as Binance and OKEx.

Support is satisfied and it is safe!

Support of huobi is pretty quick reply. Remember Japan, too.
April 29th 20: 10 CST

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Huobi Pro Customer Service Support Team. This e-mail is in response to your below questions:

– BINGO (@ BINGO 777 BINGO) May 1, 2018

cryptocurrency There are places that I can introduce with confidence for the first time
· Huobi
· Okex
There are only cases.

Good luck in Japan exchanges as well.

– Bitcoiner “R” cryptocurrency Ambassador (@ crpt 5) June 6, 2018

Does not it make sense for support correspondence? A countermeasure against bin hackers. Huobi also said that someone responded immediately as soon as a remittance mistake occurred.

– Encryption currency Joshi school student’s age (@angoushisanalis) August 7, 2018

Huobi’s support system seems to be highly appreciated.

When there is polite support at the time of emergency it can be used with confidence.

Summary – Follow Huobi Japan and check the latest information

Huobi reputation

We summarized the characteristics and reputation of the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange ” Huobi “.

As you can see from the fact that the third place in the real world is popular, you can see that it is an exchange you want to check certainly when investing in cryptocurrency .

Follow HuobiJapan’s Twitter and check the latest information too!

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