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Forbes releases “Blockchain 50” list of 50 big companies adopting blockchain

Leading economic magazine Forbes announced ” Blockchain 50 ” on the 16th of this month, which is a collection of 50 major companies related to blockchain technology.

Forbes has worked with consultants and industry experts to survey more than 100 companies in creating this list.

The selection criteria for companies listed in Blockchain 50 are US companies, each with more than $ 50 million (approximately 5.5 billion yen) in revenue or an estimated value of $ 1 billion (approximately 110 billion yen) or more .

The companies selected were overwhelmingly large in the insurance, banking and finance sectors.

Many of the companies on the list were Fidelity, Santander, Coinbase, Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, Ripple, and others that are already known to actively adopt blockchains.

On the other hand, companies that have not been reported much on their association with blockchains such as Allianz, Bumble Bee Foods, Cargill are also listed.

In addition, Blockchain 50 lists the blockchains used by each company, but 24 of the 50 companies are Ethereum, 7 are Bitcoin, and 5 are Ripple and the major currencies occupy the majority. I can hear you.

Article Source: Forbes

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