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Forecast: Bitcoin (BTC) price and Ripple XRP correction plus Ethereum, Litecoin and Stellar updat


Bitcoin Correction
Bitcoin, Ripple XRP and other cryptocurrencies saw a correction of about 10% overnight

Starting with a warning of an imminent fall in Bitcoin to a push to bring Litecoin to the retail market. In the News Update, you will again find important updates on the leading cryptocurrencies today.

Bitcoin Course

Experienced Bitcoin trader Tone Vays says he sees no new Bitcoin buyers in the market. That's why he is scared of the sudden increase in the Bitcoin rate to $ 8,000.

In a recent interview with BLOCKTV, Vays says he's selling some of his long-term bitcoins in anticipation of a price decline.

“It was an unprecedented rally. We had a similar run in 2015 towards the end of the bear market. But the bear market 2014-15 was longer. It was more painful. It was deeper. What's going on today just does not feel right.

I've been looking for a bitcoin recovery since we dropped $ 4,000 around October / November 2018. I was looking for a recovery to perhaps 5,100 US dollars. If we went beyond that, I would have thought there was a short-term correction to $ 4,600. Instead, it went steeply uphill. We recently reached $ 8,400. And I do not know what's going on. Anyone I ask does not know exactly what's going on.

I do not see new people buying Bitcoin. I do not see any new money. It is only current money. It could be problems with the Bitfinex crypto exchange, problems with Tether, problems with Binance. Whatever drives you makes me nervous. I even sell part of my Bitcoin Hodl position. I think that the Bitcoin course is about to correct itself and hard. “

Is there a short-term Bitcoin correction?

Adamant Research partner Tuur Demeester confirmed his company's thesis. This said that Bitcoin dealers were in the mode of strong accumulation. He believes the big rally at Bitcoin is the start of the new long-term bull run. However, he also thinks that BTC is preparing for a short-term retreat.

“I did not expect the crypto markets to recover so quickly. But I think everything we've seen in recent weeks confirms the thesis that we're now on a Bitcoin bull market. We have moved from capitulation to accumulation and are now in the early stages of a new bull market. “

I think that shows that family offices and funds have accumulated cryptocurrencies. There was also a short squeeze. Many traders thought Bitcoin would fall below $ 3,000. And they were better informed. Finally, we see that the bitfinex long / short ratio is flat again. So that means they have been “squeezed” the shorters off the market.

The Bitcoin miners are currently unlikely to launch new coins. They do not need that either. This contributes to a shortage of supply. In addition, I think, the retail investors are afraid that they will not be there at the next Bitcoin rally. However, just like in earlier bull markets, we need to calm down a bit and then move sideways for a while. And then the bull market can be resumed in a sustainable way. “

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The latest issue of EthHub Weekly has been released, covering everything Ethereum has to offer.

The new paper addresses developments on Ethereum 2.0 and a number of Ethereum-based platforms, including MolochDAO, 0x and Maker.

Ripple XRP

Big Data analyst and Forbes employee Thomas Silkjær has posted an animated graphic showing the expansion of the Ripple XRP ledger from January 1, 2013 to April 30, 2019.

“The graphics are not only a nice visualization, but also clearly show the central nature of the crypto exchanges. For a new activation, the user would previously need to know someone who can activate an account. However, the exchanges have gradually become new hubs for the activation of XRP Wallets. “

76 months of #XRP account activations in 10 seconds.

Read more at https://t.co/4ZdzDjQeHE pic.twitter.com/GTTSzk77gW

– Thomas Silkjær (@Silkjaer) May 14, 2019


Litecoin inventor Charlie Lee is trying to convince Flexa to launch LTC.

The company's new “One Tap” app, called “Spedn,” enables users to pay for everyday items such as groceries, clothing, and furniture using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Major retailers, including Whole Foods, Nordstrom and Crate and Barrel, will offer the payment option in 30,476 stores.

Like & retweet if you agree with that @FlexaHQ Spedn app should let us #PayWithLitecoin at Whole Foods, Gamestop, and thousands of other merchants! 🐔

How about it? @trspalding @trev https://t.co/xIFPA0GYCd

– Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] (@SatoshiLite) May 15, 2019


The Stellar Development Foundation is introducing a new ticker API to “provide the latest data on markets, issuers and assets in Stellar Network.”

The new ticker is faster and adds a bunch of new features:

  • New market data such as OHLC values ​​(Open-High-Low-Close) and 7d statistics
  • order book statistics (number of bids, requests, spread, etc.) per market
  • A list of all reasonably active assets on the network
  • A GraphQL interface for querying data about specific asset pairs

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