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Forecast: Bitcoin Price (BTC) is nearing high resistance plus Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Litecoin, Stellar and Cardano Updat


Bitcoin FOMO wave
Will there be a “FOMO” wave at a $ 10,000 Bitcoin rate?

Today, it's about the potential further development of the Bitcoin course, a new developer site for Ripple XRP and Litecoin mining.

Bitcoin course

Economist and cryptanalyst Alex Krüger has presented the next resistance levels for the Bitcoin course on Twitter. According to Kruger, the $ 10,000 mark is an important psychological barrier. Before that limit, the next technical hurdle is $ 9,600, he said. The first support line located Kruger at $ 9,000.

$ BTC just traded new year highs.

Next major resistance levels: 9600, 10000, 11500-11750, 13000, 15000, 17400, 20000, moon.

– Alex Kruger (@krugermacro) June 16, 2019

As previously reported, the co-founder of Fundstrat, Thomas Lee, sees an important limit at $ 10,000. At this level, the so-called “FOMO” could then be used, namely that more investors will buy Bitcoin and thus drive the price up exponentially. In an interview he had recently stated:

“FOMO only really starts when the price reaches a level that was only reached in 3% of the cases. For the past few cycles, this level has been $ 8.50 in 2011. Today, it's $ 10,000, because to date Bitcoin has been trading for over $ 10,000 only in 87 days. “

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The latest entry for the blog “Week in Ethereum” has been released. This is about news about Ethereum 2.0. The entry also covers a number of updates to Ethereum-based platforms. These include Request, Zilliqa and Maker.

Ripple XRP

The new XRP Ledger developer website is officially online. It can be reached via “xrpl.org”. Ripple Labs writes:

“Xrpl.org is a new, community-driven developer site. There they can access technical documentation, developer tools, tutorials, and network metrics for the XRP ledger. “

Next it says:

“In the past, Ripple's [Ripple Labs] developer website was a hub for documentation and tools on the XRP ledger. Due to the growth of the XRP ledger community and the further decentralization of the network, it makes sense to offer an open website. This is maintained by the community and not just by an institution. Ripple [Labs] will continue to play an important role in managing and delivering content from xrpl.org. At the same time, many other dedicated developers, designers, writers, and industry leaders are interacting with the XRP ledger every day. “

An excellent resource for developers building on the #XRP Ledger: https://t.co/nELVjIPlm1

– Brad Garlinghouse (@bgarlinghouse) June 16, 2019


The creator VosKCoin has posted a video with a new look at Litecoin mining. In the video VosKCoin deals with the question of whether Litecoin mining in 2019 is still profitable.


In May, Stellar's co-founder, Jed McCaleb, had a question and answer session at the American National Museum of Mathematics. As part of this, McCaleb talked about some changes in the “Protocol 11” upgrade for Stellar. On Medium a summary of the questions and answers has been published.


Tron has entered into a new partnership with the crypto-market LATOKEN. This will allow customers to use the Tron token TRX as a means of payment on the crypto exchange's initial issuing pad (IEO).


ELLIPAL hardware wallet plans to launch support for Cardano (ADA) later this month. The wallet works like a Ledger or Trezor wallet, but looks more like a smartphone.

We have confirmed that the support of $ ADA @Cardano as our 24th coin in the #ELLIPAL wallet will be available in June! 😊

ELLIPAL hardware wallet is the most secure airgapped hardware wallet with mobile support. ELLIPAL uses QR code for transactions only .http: //t.co/92wZSTntXF pic.twitter.com/yWI39g36gn

– ELLIPAL (@ellipalwallet) June 14, 2019

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