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Forecast: Bitcoin Price (BTC) will rise by 200-400% plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum, EOS and Stellar Updates


Will the Bitcoin course soon approach the next phase of its rally?

Today we take a look at the Bitcoin course and look at the battle for supremacy in the dApps.

Bitcoin Course

Thomas Lee is the co-founder of the research firm Fundstrat. In an interview with Binance Podcast, Lee has now talked about the Bitcoin course. He said that key resistance at $ 10,000 is particularly important. If Bitcoin breaks that line, Lee says it will lead to FOMO on Wall Street. So Lee said:

“FOMO only really starts when the price reaches a level that was only reached in 3% of the cases. For the past few cycles, this level has been $ 8.50 in 2011. Today, it's $ 10,000, because to date Bitcoin has been trading for over $ 10,000 only in 87 days. “

Next he stated:

“So we said that once it reaches that price, each [financial] institution realizes that $ 10,000 is highly likely to bring [Bitcoin] back up to its all-time high. Very few things happen twice. So I think that FOMO really comes when Bitcoin reaches $ 10,000. If you look at half-cycles when you reach the 3 percent threshold, the typical increase over the next five months is 200 to 400 percent. So, if Bitcoin somehow manages to climb to $ 10,000, it's very likely to climb to $ 40,000 in five months. “

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Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Steem

Tron has overtaken EOS in terms of revenue in its dApp environment. According to DappReview on Twitter, Tron's dApps converted Tron (TRX) worth $ 11.6 million in 24 hours. The dApps in the EOS network, however, only came to the equivalent of 10.9 million USD.

Regardless, EOS continues to lead in terms of its users. For example, 109,400 people use EOS dApps, while Tron uses 55,300.

# DApp Daily Report:

💵Volume # EOS 💲 10.9M (1.7M EOS) #TRON 💲 11.6M (360.6M #TRX) #ETH 💲 5.1M (21.2K ETH) #STEEM 💲 7K (16.9K STEEM)


EOS 109.4K

TRON 55.3K

ETH 13.4K


Top 3 DApps

🥇 @ TRONbet

🥈 @ eosjacksteam

🥉 # IDEX # IAmDecentralized pic.twitter.com/QwL5Hpatit

– DappReview (@dapp_review) June 9, 2019

Ethereum can serve 13,400 users who spent $ 5.1 million on Ethereum over the period. Clearly beaten Steem, which has only 8,000 users. These users spent about $ 7,000 on network dApps over the 24 hours watched.

Ripple XRP

Crypto-wallet provider GateHub has detected suspicious activity on its wallets. The company then notified the potentially affected customers and asked them to transfer their Ripple XRP. According to GateHub, up to 18,473 wallets could be affected, of which 5,045 had active balances.


The crypto-exchange Poloniex has announced on Medium that it has already spent hundreds of thousands of Stellar Lumens on customers. These coins represent the Stellar inflation rewards. By June 5, they had already distributed 408,000 coins, the company said.


Tron founder Justin Sun interviewed his followers on Twitter. It's about what three people he should take to the upcoming lunch with the Stock Exchange Guru Warren Buffet.

Earlier this month, Sun had bought an opportunity to share a buffet lunch. Sun's winning bid was over $ 4.57 million and went to a charity. Buffet has long been opposed to cryptocurrencies. Sun's goal is to convince Buffet of the cryptocurrency.

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