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Forecast: Buy Bitcoin at 6,200-6,800 USD plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar and Cardano Updat


Bitcoin Buy Ideal
To fall into the ideal buy range, the Bitcoin price must come below $ 6,800

Today, my review is about support levels and related ideal opportunities for buying Bitcoin, a new xRapid customer and many other interesting crypto topics.


Cryptanalyst and economist Alex Krüger has pointed out the next levels of support for Bitcoin on Twitter. According to Kruger Bitcoin is still in a danger zone. The key support line is $ 6,800. If Bitcoin falls under this mark, the range from $ 6,800 to $ 6,200 would be ideal for buying Bitcoin.

I see the 6800-6200 area as a gigantic buying area. I do not know if price wants to drop there. I know what I'll do if there are drops.

– Alex Kruger (@krugermacro) June 5, 2019

That's how Krüger tweeted:

“I see the range from $ 6,800 to $ 6,200 as a gigantic buy range. You do not know if the course goes that far. I know [but] what I do when he falls there. “

The crypto-analyst with the pseudonym “Galaxy” tweeted to its 52,000 followers that it surprised the current negative attitude of many traders to Bitcoin. He further stated that Bitcoin's price action is a price correction and not a price reversal.

Galaxy wrote:

“Surprising, how negative is the opinion on this correction in a strong uptrend. (…) This is a course correction, not a reversal. “

Surprised on how bearish the sentiment is on this correction of a strong up trend

People are actually waiting for the bounce

Extremely risky play and the price could turn to the upside any moment, strong and fast, as it did before

This is a retracement not a reversal $ BTC

– Galaxy (@galaxyBTC) June 5, 2019

Buy Bitcoin


The latest issue of the podcast “Into the Ether” has been released. In it, Loi Luu, CEO of the Ethereum-based Cyber ​​Network, talks about the team's decentralized platform. This is designed to enable an immediate change of crypto currencies with high liquidity, Luu explains.

Ripple XRP

The money-sending platform “SendFriend” has stated that they want to use the ripple solution xRapid as of this month. XRapid is based on Ripple XRP and allows cross-border payments.

SendFriend started working this year in the Philippines. The aim of the platform is to give Philippines working abroad a cost-effective way to send money to their families at home.

There are also rumors since yesterday night that Ripple will take over the Fintech Moneygram.


Andrew Yang is Democratic presidential candidate for the US election in 2020. Yang has become known as an entrepreneur and author, and has been favorably disposed toward cryptocurrencies. Among other things, this is shown by the fact that Yang had already declared that donations for his election campaign would also be accepted in cryptocurrencies.

Now Yang has also met with Litecoin inventor Charlie Lee. Yang shared that with Twitter. In his tweet, Yang Lee congratulated on his pioneering work and called for the future together.

Congrats @SatoshiLite on being a pioneer – let's build the future. 👍 pic.twitter.com/WEQXiizdYs

– Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) June 6, 2019


Stellar founder Jed McCaleb and Stellar Development Foundation manager Denelle Dixon have given an open Q & A session on Reddit. Both questions answered the roadmap of the platform and the current marketing strategy. It also involved an adoption by the mainstream and Stellar-based World Wire platform from IBM.


Cardano has introduced a new design for its roadmap. This is intended to make the vision for the future of the platform even clearer. The roadmap shows that we want to introduce Smart Contracts this year. The team also continues to focus on scaling and leadership. The results of this will be implemented in 2020 and 2021.

Today, we are very pleased to share our completely redesigned roadmap, charting our progress towards the Cardano 2020 vision. Https://t.co/t1kjKY09lk #Cardano #CardanoCommunity #Blockchain

. Here's where we'll keep the community updated

– Input Output (@InputOutputHK) June 5, 2019

Buy Cardano Source: Pixabay

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